Infinity Digital Solutions introduces two new high-speed UV printers with European Docan System in North India

For more than a decade, Infinity Digital Solutions (IDS) has been a leader in supply of a range of digital large-format printers, inks, printheads, etc. The company constantly upgrades its line of versatile UV printers. Latest addition to the company’s UV line are Docan S3200 and Docan FR 3200M.


For the first time in North India, Infinity Digital Solutions (IDS) announces the introduction of two new high-speed UV ptinters—Docan S3200 and Docan FR 3200M, with European Docan System. The printers feature Meglev drive so that they require no belt and pulley system. Deepak Wadhwa, Director, Infinity Digital Solutions Private Limited, mentions that the newly introduced Docan UV printers from IDS are ideal for PSPs who would like to break a new ground in UV printing.

Docan S3200 redefines RTR UV printing

Designed to produce high quality and precise prints, Docan S3200 delivers clear and high saturation prints for outdoor applications, such as light-box fabrics, backlit and ceiling graphics. “This UV roll-to-roll printer can handle best quality prints on 3200mm wide flexible materials,” emphasizes Bharat Bhushan Wadhwa, Director, Infinity Digital Solutions Private Limited. He adds that the printer can also print narrower media accurately.

Docan S3200

Using highly eco-friendly UV ink, Docan S3200 can churn excellent images on diverse printing materials, such as vinyl, banner, mesh, one-way vision, foil, backlit fabric, etc. Also, it can offer various ways of printing ‘white’ when the material is in colour. It allows printing the three-layer spot colours—it means printing ‘colour-white-colour’ at one time. Docan S3200 has printhead options for Konica Minolta 1024i 6-13pL and Kyocera KJ4A 3.5pL.

On high precision of the machine, Deepak points out that the X Axial equipped with 1μm metal raster in the Docan S3200 gives a high precisely ink drops control. The printer is highly user friendly. The ink level alarm reminds the operator to reload ink when ink level is low. Carriage installed with crash
Sensor is high sensitive to ensure printhead safety from any accidental damage. Anti-static device in the printer can remove static on plastic media.

Another unique feature of Docan S3200 is that the printer being equipped with potentiometer, its tension control force is adjustable according to different flexible media. THK (Japan) mute guiderail makes smooth movement and low noise of the machine. Its water cooling platform reduces the heat impact for heat sensitive media, avoiding shrinkage and deformation of materials. “Docan S3200 perfectly controls materials with the right tension and right feeding speed to get the best print results without any defect,” says Bharat, adding that the machine’s media feeding and collection rollers are equipped with speed and rotation direction controller.

Docan FR3200M reveals new level of hybrid printing

With the printing size of 3.2m, Docan FR3200M UV hybrid printer is an entry-level system. “For this versatile UV printer, PSPs don’t need to adjust the tension before printing! It can print from edge to edge, saving printing materials,” mentions Deepak, adding that Docan FR3200M has printhead options for Konica 1024i, RICOH G-5/G-6, and Kyocera KJ4Al. It can equip 1 row of Kyocera or 2 rows of Konica Minolta 1024i or 3 rows of RICOH G-6. At high speed mode, Docan FR3200M can churn 50 sq/hr

Deepak says that Docan FR3200M is a highly user friendly machine. “It blows an alarm to remind the operator to reload the ink when the ink level is low,” he adds. Liner motor in Docan FR3200M increases 10 percent of the printer’s carriage movement. Also, the IGUS towline gives smooth moving during speed acceleration & deceleration, with well-protected inside cables and pipes. The printer is known for its perfect curing as it features high energy LED lamp for better curing on almost all kind of materials.

Ink curing system of Docan FR3200M operates with water-cooled LED UV lamps which do not make ozonic gas and emit less heat than traditional mercury lamps. It enables user to print on wider media choices, such as sensitive or non-sensitive materials. Without using any VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), the UV-curable ink for the printer is eco-friendly and has no odour. The printer has high capacity to store 2L with auto ink refill reminder system. Its table vacuum force is adjustable, in accordance to different printing materials.

Docan Tech is a leading Shanghai-based UV digital printing machine manufacturer. Docan machines are available with options of printheads including Kyocera, RICOH and Konica Minolta. As always, Infinity Digital Solutions strives to supply the most cost-effective machines and services in the digital large-format printing market of India. In this, Bharat conclusively conveys that they maintain the company’s core values with firm emphasis on the supply of quality products like Docan UV printers and others.