CDI introduces new UV, Eco-Solvent & Solvent inks

Colors Digital India (CDI), apart from being a leading manufacturer of robust & versatile line of digital large-format printers produced indigenously under the ‘Make in India’ initiative, also boasts of offering broad arrays of inks for all printing technologies. Latest from the company is a new range of UV, Eco-Solvent and Solvent inks.


CDI, based out of Kasna Industrial Area in Greater Noida (Delhi-NCR), initiated manufacturing digital large-format solvent printers in 2018. Since then, the company has consistently managed expanding its product portfolio comprising printers, consumables, spare parts and others. In addition to advanced and cost-effective printers, CDI has also announced the introduction of three new variants of printing inks compatibly for UV, eco-solvent, and solvent printing platforms.

“In the ever-evolving landscape of digital large-format printing or signage displays, UV technology is the new game changer. We say ‘game changer’ because UV printing is revolutionising the way print service providers (PSPs) are innovating and producing unique, vibrant and durable graphic prints across diverse printing materials,” says Tejinder Singh, Director of CDI. He adds that the newly launched UV ink bouquet from CDI is designed with unique flexibility and advantages for outstanding graphic prints.

The newly introduced CDI’s UV ink features enhanced efficiency at its core. With its advanced curing capability, the ink enables immediate finishing, drastically reducing overall production time. Breaking the usual boundaries and limitations, this newly introduced UV ink from CDI is incredibly versatile when it comes to compatibility with materials it can print on. Be it even rigid substrate, any given media is well within the compatibility of this new UV ink.

Further, new from CDI are the Eco-Solvent and Solvent Inks which guarantee exceptional print quality with sharp details and vibrant colours. “The eco-friendly aspect of our newly launched Eco-Solvent ink opens up more sustainable options compared to any other inks in its class,” mentions Tejinder, adding that the new Solvent ink on other hand is highly cost-effective and designed for diverse applications including outdoor displays. It’s compatible with KM 512i printheads.

CDI maintains quality in its products at the utmost level. The company’s in-house quality control team conducts rigorous tests of the inks in every single step of its production process. Conclusively, Tejinder mentions that CDI’s introduction of new inks is for helping PSPs exploring newer quality and flexibility with applications that pave new business avenues for growth.