Streamlining sign fabrication with SignAgent


Whether simple or herculean task of fabricating and installing the signs on-site demands precision and a thorough understanding of the site’s layout and safety regulations. If only there was a tool that could help sign fabricators save time, streamline the sign fabrication process, and allow collaboration with everyone involved in a project. That tool is SignAgent! The authorized partners for India for SignAgent are Cosign India.

Sign fabricators play a crucial role in the production and implementation of effective signage systems. They serve as a point of connection between wayfinding designers and facility operators.

While wayfinding designers are responsible for templating and sign programming, sign fabricators are responsible for bringing those designs to life. Moreover, they handle the placement and installation work on-site, ensuring the signs adhere to safety and accessibility standards. Once the production and installation work is complete, facility operators will then take over the task of managing and maintaining the existing sign system at the facility. Sign fabrication is a multifaceted process involving numerous steps that require close collaboration with other project stakeholders, such as designers, consultants, project managers, and facility operators.

With these responsibilities come numerous challenges.

To begin with, sign fabricators are required to ensure the accuracy and quality of their work while adhering to strict deadlines. The process of transforming design templates into signs can be complex, error-prone, and time-consuming, especially when dealing with intricate designs, braille translations, or large quantity orders.

Additionally, coordinating with other project stakeholders can be challenging, especially when so many changes are being made to the design and installation plans along the way. Most of the time, everyone has their own separate location plan and message schedule process.

Furthermore, the task of installing the signs on-site demands precision and a thorough understanding of the site’s layout and safety regulations. Here comes the role of the tool to help sign fabricators save time, streamline fabrication process, and collaborate with everyone involved in a project. The tool is none other than the SignAgent platform, launched in 2018 to fill this need.

SignAgent enables wayfinding designers, sign fabricators, installers, and facility operators to collaborate on the creation of accurate and effective sign programs, alleviating the stress of project management. It facilitates easy collaboration and lets everyone involved know the exact status of every sign in the project workflow.

In SignAgent, all sign information, production files, location plans, and instructions are stored in one place. There is no need to cross-reference different file types in different platforms and search for outdated information. The platform is being used globally to deliver successful sign projects across diverse environments such as airports, hospitals, transit systems, educational institutions, the hospitality sector, sporting events, commercial real estate, municipalities, parks, and beyond.

For sign fabricators, SignAgent streamlines the production process, reduces errors, and improves communications with manage and design partners. With SignAgent, sign fabricators complete their projects in a fraction of the time with significantly better results. Sign fabricators benefit from using SignAgent in many ways, from generating production artwork to sharing and reviewing information with design partners and clients within one unified platform.

One particularly helpful feature of SignAgent for fabricators is the fabricator script. The fabricator script takes folders of artwork exported by SignAgent, consolidates all the art into a single Illustrator file, arranges it onto custom sheet sizes for production, and groups the layers for easy isolation and manipulation of sign elements and components. This results in a collection of production designs and artwork, enabling the quick generation of estimates and message schedules.

In addition to the desktop version of SignAgent, a mobile app is available for conducting site surveys, installations, and fabrication tracking. This native iOS app enables project viewing on an iPhone or iPad, and allows surveyors to take pictures, add comments, assign sign types, approve, and reject signs, and sync all that information with the desktop platform in real time. With the Android app release on its way, the SignAgent mobile app will soon be available for both iOS and Android users.

In conclusion, SignAgent provides an innovative solution to the challenges faced by sign fabricators. This all-encompassing platform not only streamlines the design and build workflow but also enhances communication and collaboration between project stakeholders. With its ability to create production artwork and store all relevant project information in one place, the platform increases efficiency and reduces errors. Additionally, the SignAgent mobile app is an effective tool for conducting site surveys and tracking installation progress. SignAgent is revolutionizing the delivery of signage projects by significantly reducing project timelines, enhancing results, and facilitating real-time updates and collaboration.