Sign design & way-finding solutions for Jaypee Palace Hotel & Convention Centre in Agra

Jaypee Palace Hotel & Convention Center in Agra is a leading 400- room, 5-Star resort property. It is considered as the largest convention center in the city of Taj. Designed to marry modern architecture and local materials and building techniques, this hotel was built to offer a royal experience to the modern traveler.


Homage to
regional ethos

Design solution of New Delhi-based VersionAbsolute Design Studio (VADS) was to rationalise the room addressing system by introducing ‘Level’ and a ‘Wing’ in the room numbers and reflect the same in the navigation signs. The design paid homage to the prevalent material and techniques in the region.

VADS used black slate and sandstone for all the external signs which complimented the predominant building cladding material and was stood out of the architecture by virtue of their colours.

All information on stone was laser engraved into the stone with an inlay of materials such as wire cut SS and epoxy paint, much like the engravings found in Mughal architecture.

External &
interior signs

The external signs were designed and manufactured in etched and epoxy filled stone. The black slate & sandstone were fixed together and on surfaces without any visible fixing details. The interior signs were made in DuPont Corian and Teakwood where again all information was inlayed into the material surfaces.

After all, the signs were designed to extend the art-deco theme of the mall interiors. The signs were designed in Italian Marble, Onyx, and SS

VersionAbsolute Design Studio (VADS)

With over 20 years of experience in the area of way-finding & sign design and architecture, VersionAbsolute Design Studio (VADS) is a multi-disciplinary design studio backed by a team of architects, communication & product designers, and design strategist who work together to create engaging experiential design with a focus towards sustainability. The team believes that their experience of spaces is deeply rooted in cultural, climatic and aspirations and their attempt has always to identify and shape their response to this context to create an experience that is singular and tailored around these needs. VADS founder Arnab Banerji is an architect by training & education, graduated from Sushant School of Art & Architecture in 1999. He founded VADS in 2002, inspired by the multidisciplinary might of Pentagram (when they still dabbled in architecture design). For more, visit: (Text & Photo Courtesy: VADS)