Moving ahead in ‘green’ stride with solar power for swissQprint


A photovoltaic installation has begun operation at swissQprint headquarters. It is set to cover more than 50 percent of electricity demand at the Schützenwiese building complex in Kriessern, where swissQprint is headquartered. A solar array with 1276 photovoltaic panels in Kriessern, Switzerland, was connected to the electricity grid in February 2024. It is installed on the roof of swissQprint’s main production hall and will produce around 613,000 kWh of electricity a year. This corresponds to more than half of electricity demand at the Schützenwiese business park, where swissQprint is one of the largest companies. The photovoltaic installation will also power eight newly erected charging stations for electric vehicles. It is designed for easy future expansibility. The solar project brings swissQprint a big step forward in terms of sustainability and self-sufficiency.