Arrow Digital partners with ESKO


Arrow Digital brings Esko Kongsberg digital cutters/tables into its product line, helping their customers gain a new ground with the state-of-the-art finishing machines in the graphic display market. The new ESKO machines also expand the offering into the packaging and other related segments. ESKO Kongsberg cutting tables are a result of over 50 years of technical expertise and innovation, which boost performance of digital finishing to an industrial level. Kongsberg X Series, Kongsberg C Edge and Kongsberg C Series solutions stand for value, durability, reliability and precisions, offering limitless versatility.

Esko solutions are used in packaging management, asset management, artwork creation, structural design, prepress, 3D visualization, flexo plate making, workflow automation, quality assurance, sample-making, palletization, supply chain collaboration and/or production of signage and displays.

On the collaboration with Arrow Digital, Rafiq Shaikh, Regional Sales Manager, ESKO, says, “There is huge potential in the display industry for ESKO Kongsberg digital finishers. It’s not only to reach out to those customers but also to counter competition by joining hands with Arrow Digital. With the help of their expertise in service support and state-of-the-art demo/applications center, it is easy for us to penetrate further into signage and display market.”

Sam Patel, CEO of Arrow Digital, comments, With our focus on innovation and zest to meet the need of the customer, adding ESKO to our product line will help us to drive the force further for the astounding development and growth in the display graphics industry.”