True Colors provides practicable, adaptable, service-oriented & technically advanced printers

With 20 years of market experience, True Colors Solutions & Technologies offers a wide range of advanced cutting edge printers of all variants that could meet every sign maker’s need for producing innovative sharp print graphics. The company never compromises of their Products, Quality & Service, which in turn make their clients fully convinced and satisfied.


True Colors is formed based on Four Pillars—People, Products, Profitability and Penetration. “We are the People with technical, thorough product knowledge and years of experience in the market, helping our customers grow to meet their demands of printing on any media with practical applications and profitable solutions. Our world-class Product portfolio is need of the hour and ready to fulfil the current market demand. Profitability is our ability to make our customers capable of generating financial gain from their operations. Penetration is our process of making products and service available in more than 120 districts in all states,” says Tandeep Singh Saluja, Director of True Colors Solutions & Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Range of key products

True Colors provides innovative, practicable, adaptable, applied, service-oriented and technically advanced printers with which signage players get the right ways to get maximum out of the machines. Advanced designs, quality and technical specifications of the products make True Colors significant in the market. Some of the key products in the company’s product portfolio include Platinum KC Plus UV Flatbed Printer, Platinum DS Hybrid, Platinum RTR, i-Jet+, among others.

Platinum KC Plus UV Flatbed Printer is one of the industry’s favourites, which has key features matching with international standards. With advanced joy stick control this UV flatbed printer is equipped with KM 1024i/RICOH Gen-5 printheads, capable to produce prints in 720×1440 dpi. It is compatible with diverse rigid materials such as sunboard, MDF, wood, metal, WPC, glass, ceramic, etc. This printer is perfectly designed for industrial outputs with round the clock continuous production.

All-in-all Platinum DS Hybrid is the product that meets all needs of UV printing. Equipped with Kyocera printheads this printer is considered as one machine with broad printing applications, ranging from rigid materials like glass, wood, metal up to soft signage and paper. This hybrid printer is among the latest favourites of those in pursuit of both UV flatbed and RTR in one system.


Platinum RTR is a UV printer with drop-on demand micro piezo electric inkjet printheads (KM 1024i/optional RICOH Gen-5). It has advanced UV LED-curing system that dries up print as immediately as it prints. Capable to churn at the speed of 120 sq m/hr on 3.20m media width in 2880 dip, it is compatible with diverse range of materials such as paper, vinyl, canvas, one-way vision, banner, textile, wall media, etc.

A solvent printer with heavy body and latest design, i-Jet+ is engineered with Japanese technology for seamless printing. This printer features Auto Take-Up System, allowing users to leave production process unattended and it’s particularly useful for long print runs, large graphics such as outdoor banners, vehicle wraps, sign boards, etc. It (i-Jet+ 3208) features 8 x KM 512i printheads and capable to run at the speed of 240 sq m/hr in Express Mode, taking on a range of media like flex, vinyl sheet, PP, one-way vision, etc. True Colors has also launched the latest versions with KM1024i -13pl and eco-solvent/solvent inks for high resolution output on new fabrics and backlit media.

Other versatile systems

In the product portfolio of True Colors are other versatile systems which have gained popularity in the market. The line includes F-1016, F-9060, Platinum FS UV RTR, Truetech RTR 3200, Truetech RTR 1800, Technojet Eco-Solvent and K-Jet.

F-1016 and F-9060 are true UV flatbed systems with industrial piezoelectric inkjet technology. F-9060 is very unique product equipped with Toshiba printheads to provide maximum 800 mm height/rotary and multilayer 3D printing which is very unique in future technology. Platinum FS UV RTR is an eco-friendly printer with KM/RICOH Gen-5/Kayocera printheads, designed for high quality prints in 2880 dpi resolution. Truetech RTR 3200 & 1800 are workhorses for printing on roll media. Technojet Eco-Solvent is another system with Auto Take-Up technology, which makes it ease of use for PSPs. And K-Jet is a printer with drop-on demand micro piezo electric inkjet technology with 4x KM 512i printheads, accurately designed for roll-to-roll printing on a range of media including flex, vinyl, canvas, PP, etc.

True Colors keeps strong faith and belief in their product line that must surely help their clients add value to their business. In this respect, Tandeep Singh Saluja says they stand by their clients day and night for their business growth.