HP Latex 570 brings liveliness of Amur tiger on Moscow’s Striped Express metro train

Striped Express is a metro train that runs in the famous subway system of Moscow. The train’s interior gives passengers the chance to learn about the rare Amur tiger that lives in Russia’s Far East. Using HP Latex 570, local signage company Creative Team Print in Moscow has wrapped the train, with theme on Amur tiger.


Amur tiger is an endangered species as it was once found throughout the Russian Far East, northern China and Korean peninsula. From time to time, hunting has driven the cat species to the brink of extinction. Promoting the awareness of the rare cat, Creative Team Print was assigned for wrapping the Striped Express metro train, using HP Latex 570 printer. The metro train is the best platform to share information about the endangered tiger as nearly 50,000 passengers take the train everyday.

Creative Team Print specialises in branding corporate transports, making any public vehicle or train more beautiful and noticeable than others. The company’s use of HP Latex 570 empowered them to create an outstanding sharpness and radiance in the graphics. The printer delivers print, which is bright and flawless to reflect the accurate texture and colour of Amur tiger. The prints from HP Latex 570 do not fade for a long period.

In the project, the front of Striped Express was wrapped with a large image of Amur tiger’s head while the sides of the train were decorated in geometric-style tiger images. There were five different themes or sections inside, depicting ideas on environmental protection, scientific research, information and general information. The biggest challenge for Creative Team Print was that the project was completed in a certain amount of time. It took only four days for them to complete the wrapping of all eight bogies (2000 sq m) of Striped Express. For previous jobs of the same kind, they took around 12 days and credit for the achievement goes to HP Latex 570.

HP Latex 570 is acknowledgeable for creating durable vehicle and fleet graphics that can be printed in no time. Along with the speed printing of HP Latex 570, here comes the maximum speed of Striped Express, 80 km per hour, which is made similar with the speed of Amur tiger.