COSIGN introduces COTEX printable fabric range

With an aim to be a prominent provider of printable fabrics in India, COSIGN has launched its own textile range, under the brand COTEX, adding as new member to the COSIGN family. Variants of COTEX fabrics are practically perfect for various indoor applications at corporate offices, retail outlets, hospitality and public spaces.


Working in the display market for more than a decade, COSIGN understands the emerging trends in the industry and need of printable fabrics as media. With their strong technical understanding, the company has developed products as per the need in the market. The COTEX range of printable fabrics is launched after a lot of research. Thought and founded in India in 2019, this range is practically perfect for different indoor applications.

Different variants

COTEX has different variants of printable fabrics as per the application demands. After printing the desired content, these fabrics give a niche look to the applications and hence are perfect to use in various sectors such as corporate offices, retail outlets, hospitality and public spaces.

COTEX backlit fabrics are available in three categories—Supernova, Mirage and Prism, depending on the printing technologies they support. Supernova is the most demanded one, a crease free fabric. Being a 100 percent polyester fabric with an ideal light transmission percentage, this fabric is available in 180 GSM in weight with less than 2 percent shrinkage. It’s a fire retardant product with B1 certification. Its applications include LED light box, frame system, pop-up tent and sun umbrella.

Mirage is the back-lit variant of COTEX. It’s a 100 percent polyester recyclable fabric with 35 percent light transmission, which makes it perfect for backlit signage applications, such as LED light box and frame system. It’s a B1 certified fire-retardant fabric. Likewise, Prism is another back-lit variant of COTEX, a 100 percent polyester fabric with a good light transmission percentage. Perfectly designed for back-lit displays such as LED light box, frame system and backdrop, this fabric supports dye-sublimation as well as latex printing.

Moreover, in the COTEX range, Abyss is the only block-out fabric with 0 percent light transmission percentage. COSIGN also has canvas and display fabrics in the range. All the COTEX fabrics support different printing technologies including UV, eco-solvent, dye-sublimation and HP Latex.

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