MIMAKI India’s regional dealers rev up cutting plotter sales

What sets MIMAKI apart? The straightforward answer is ‘its brand value and quality of products’. These are the USPs which the company’s regional dealers in India are cashing in on for revving up sales. Sign & Graphics talks to two of the key regional dealers, viz. SS Infotech, Delhi (North) and Raj Sign Systems, Ahmedabad (West) who score big in exclusive supplies of cutting-edge MIMAKI cutting plotters.


Delhi-based SS Infotech is a highly committed MIMAKI cutting plotter dealer, which extensively covers North India with a vast client base. Following its enrollment as a MIMAKI dealer since 2021, the company keeps expanding its client base. “My partnership with MIMAKI India is deeply rooted in shared value of brand MIMAKI and its avant-garde products,” says Sonu Chauhan, Proprietor of SS Infotech. He adds, “After all, it has been our privilege to be partnered with such a big global brand for distributing its cutting-edge cutting plotters that resonate with our mission to provide our customers the best-in-class machines.”

He adds, “We have thoroughly examined the features and capabilities of three common cutting plotter brands which are close competitors of MIMAKI products in the market. Certain things like precision and productivity of MIMAKI cutting plotters are quite advantageous over those brands and unmatched by any. Despite being a Japanese brand, MIMAKI stands for ‘quality’ and ‘competency’ in all parameters’. FXII Plus Series, CG-60AR, and CG-130AR are some of the cutting plotters SS Infotech has been distributing across North India.

MIMAKI CG-AR Series and CG FXII Plus Series are not only affordably priced but also technologically advanced systems. A new ‘ID Cut’ function in the Plus Series is designed for labor-saving process. It is also designed to provide cut-out characters through a cutting sheet for a range of applications like seals, stickers, labels, among others. “Among the models, CG-60AR and CG-130AR are two such highly demanding machines. So far, SS Infotech has installed more than 1,000 MIMAKI cutting plotters across the length and breadth of North India. Worth mentionable installations have been taken place at Prime Advertiser, Lucknow; Pankaj Graphics & Key Duplicator, Delhi; Feather Graphics India, Faridabad and others.

Similarly, another dealer having started out in the year 2020 with an aim to become a dealer of quality products and in the following year it found itself firmly established as a trusted supplier of MIMAKI cutting plotters for the West Indian region is Ahmedabad-based Raj Sign Systems. “Leaving all other brands aside I enrolled for MIMAKI for exclusive supply of its cutting plotters, because in my 25 years of experience in the industry I have thoroughly come to know the brand ‘MIMAKI’ and advancements of its products,” remarks Sunil Rajeshirke, Proprietor of Raj Sign Systems.

Those MIMAKI cutting plotter models now supplying by Raj Sign Systems are MIMAKI CG-60AR and CG-130 AR with some MIMAKI CG FXII Plus Series. “As per our records, MIMAKI CG-60AR and CG-130AR are the most demanding models among our clients,” mentions Sunil, adding that despite some cheaper products from two of our market competitors are floating in the market, many go for MIMAKI as their top choice. He further mentions that Raj Sign Systems sells every MIMAKI machine for its advanced features, cost-effectiveness, and ‘no maintenance headache’ which their customers know very well.

MIMAKI CG-60AR and CG-130AR can operate at the maximum cutting speed of 73cm/s, moving at 45o direction (103cm/s), improved to 105 percent of MIMAKI’s older versions of cutting plotters. The machines compatibly cut a broad range of materials comprising diverse vinyl sheets, reflective sheets, rubber sheets, cardboards, among others. So far, Raj Sign Systems has installed more than hundreds of MIMAKI cutting plotters across West India, worth mentionable among them are SD Associates, Pune; Diamond Digital Printing, Nashik; Raj Ad Zon, Mumbai, among others.

In a similar tone, Sonu and Sunil conclusively say they are privileged to be partnered with MIMAKI India as regional dealers of cutting-edge MIMAKI cutting plotters.