Mehta Hitech Industries Limited introduces all new Bruno eco-solvent & Uno UV RTR printers


Mehta Hitech Industries Limited, formerly Mehta Cad Cam, has once again pushed the boundaries of printing technology with the unveiling of their latest innovations: Bruno Eco-Solvent and Uno UV Roll-to-Roll printers. Building upon the resounding success of their previous models, Mehta has incorporated Italian design aesthetics into these new machines, promising not only superior performance but also a sleek appearance that adds a touch of sophistication to any printing environment.

Bruno Eco-Solvent and Uno UV Roll-to-Roll printers are engineered to deliver unparalleled printing quality and efficiency. Equipped with EPSON i3200 E1 printheads and EPSON i3200 U1, these printers boast impressive speeds of up to 105sqft/hr with one printhead and a staggering 210sqft/hr with two printheads. This remarkable speed ensures that users can meet demanding deadlines without compromising on print quality. For those looking to enhance productivity, improve print quality, or simply stay ahead of the competition, Mehta’s printers are the perfect choice for all printing needs. For more details, visit: website