Global Print Konnect organises meet on powering India’s inkjet journey

Global Print Konnect, which brings the activity of pursuing strategic opportunities for a particular business or organization by cultivating partnerships or other commercial relationships, or identifying new markets for its products or services, has organized a meet titled ‘Print Konnect—Powering India’s Inkjet Journey’ at Aerocity in New Delhi on February 14. It was collaborated by Seiko, KAO, TriJet Limited, Meteor, IST Intech and People & Technology.


At the onset of the meet, Namrata Sharma, Founder, Global Print Connect, heralded that ‘Print Konnect – Powering India’s Inkjet Journey’ is not simply a discussion but also an ‘Inspiration’ for everyone in the industry. The meet had prolific interactive sessions conducted by inkjet experts. Aliasgar Eranpurwala, Head of Department, Ptintek, Seiko Instruments GmbH, Germany, revealed the fact how the company moved in time, identifying sectors like ceramic and textile are picking up in India. He cited India is one of the key markets for Seiko.

In the follow-up session, Roberto Campos Orgaz, Product Manager, People & Technology, Spain, explained how the company’s head cleaning technology would get the best return for ink manufacturers, OEMs and printhead companies. He pointed out growing inkjet potential in the ceramic printing domain in India. In the next session, in the similar tone, David Heath, Industrial Inkjet Consultant, Meteor Inkjet Ltd, UK, stated that they tied up with all leading printhead companies, including Seiko, EPSON, KM, XAAR, etc, pushing sustainability to a new level.

Then came up the next session by Francois Aguilar, Chief Commercial Officer, Kao Chemigraf, SLU, and Marc Granero, Inkjet Sales Manager, Kao Chemigraf, Spain, discoursed about Kao’s journey onto the inkjet path and how sustainability plays a key role in it. Francois stated that Kao now has production sites at Brazil, Germany, Mexico and Spain. “Our next mission is to open one in India,” he said. When identifying Kao’s inkjet focus, he mentioned the signage and graphic arts sector is one of the largest in terms of adoption of the technology.

Marc stated that Kao looking into the future innovations, the company’s ambition is to be ecology driven. The concluding session by Dr Tri Tuladhar, Director, TriJet Limited, UK, summed up all the sessions on platform. In context of TriJet, which specializes in the field of inkjet printing and coating, Dr Tri explained the need of collaboration among all: ink manufacturer, printhead manufacturer, workflow expert, chemical expert and so on, to be in a collective eco-system and interrelated workforce to move ahead. In the aspect, he referred inkjet as ‘multi-disciplinary’ to collaborate all.

At the closing moment of ‘Print Konnect—Powering India’s Inkjet Journey’, the key message from everyone was to work together to take part into the inkjet journey further for innovation and sustainability.