A tryst with some signage nawabs of Lucknow City

There are many aspects that make Lucknow a unique and enchanting city known for its old culture, tradition and surroundings, which include the vibrancy of signage graphics all around. Behind this vibrancy in the city’s signage market are some players who are ambitious and their works are worth commendable. Travelling bandwagon of Sign & Graphics has roamed around the city to meet them for finding out what they use technologically, what they produce impressively, and for whom they work.


Just Ready, 360o solutions provider

Since its incorporation in the year 2014 as a mere ad agency engaging in graphic designing, Just Ready Pvt Ltd transformed into a new stature when the company took a big turn in the year 2017 with the unveiling of a printing division, precisely, a digital large-format printing division. “We decided to delve into signage printing when we saw the increasing vibrancy in Lucknow’s sign and graphic arts segment,” says Shivank S Shukla, Head–Business Development, Just Ready Pvt Ltd.

He adds, “We would say Colors Digital India (CDI) played a vital role in the overall progression we have achieved so far in our business. Most of the printers running productively are from CDI. It includes whole gamut of technologies such as a UV printer (with EPSON DX5 3200 printhead), eco-solvents, solvents, CNC routers, and a line of finishing equipment.” As of now, around 10 machines from CDI are running at Just Ready.

“We really feel privileged to be partnered with CDI without whom our journey would have never been started well,” emphasises Shivank, adding that they look forward to tightening up the partnership further in future. Just Ready is a chosen choice for many corporate clients, namely, First Cry, Cashify, Lakme Salon, to name a few. The company’s production team is made of 12 well-trained staff working projects around Uttar Pradesh, Utarakhand, and Delhi-NCR.

Gomti Printers & Designers, All printing activities

When it comes to finding out print service providers in Lucknow which provide everything under one roof, Gomti Printers & Designers would come on the forefront. “We are provider of anything related to printing, be it signage graphic or anything about commercial printing. Well, if the applications are of signage or display graphics, we are very specific about the end products. We are the not the usual so-called flex printing company. Our main focus is on table-top displays for POS or POP solutions,” says Alok Sinha, Proprietor of Gomti Printers & Designers.

One of the key printers at Gomti Printers & Designers is the cutting-edge HP DesignJet T830 which is ideally designed for crispy graphics. In this respect, Alok remarks, “This HP printer is multifunction system. I say ‘multifunction’ for its capacity to take up a broad range of media for diverse applications for customers from different market sectors. After all, this printer is exclusively for posters and architectural, engineering and construction graphics.”

As the name of the company suggests, Gomti Printers & Designers is situated in the vibrant Gomti Nagar of Lucknow City, evolving to offer whole gamut of graphic designing, printing and production of sign graphics, commercial prints and CAD documents. Alok says they are planning to scale-up the company’s signage and graphic arts tasks. “We are now seeing the pulse and rhythm of the market as we are now just recovered from the pandemic impact. Hopefully, we will boost up our current team of 25 staff and go for one more highly advanced large-format system that can handle diverse media for vast applications,” he concludes.

Shobha Publicity. Old bastion’s new roles

Considered to be one of the oldest ad agencies in Lucknow, or for all Uttar Pradesh, Shobha Publicity has been engaging in activities such as corporate communications, working extensively for clients from different market segments, such as real estate, FMCG, healthcare, etc. Latest in the company’s activities is construction of event or expo stand, says Anil Kumar, Proprietor of Shobha Publicity. He adds that they have been active in the market over the last three decades. Anil further mentions that Shobha Publicity is such a family-run business where the second generation of the Kumars are now fully involved. “At the end, we eventually gained the title ‘Publicity’ for our exclusive involvement in outdoor billboard activities,” mentions Alok. With a team of long-experienced and skilful staff of around 15 professionals, Shobha Publicity serves its clients to the fullest satisfaction. “We identify our customers’ strengths and highlight them in the best possible manner,” mentions Anil.

He adds, “After all, we at Shobha Publicity believe in providing high levels of service in creative approach for our customers. Some of the company’s key customers who have been associated with Shobha Publicity for years include Jockey, HDFC, Bajaj, among others. Anil conclusively mentions that they do everything for their clients – right from strategy making to creative to media planning and fulfil every bit of requirement for them.

New Anjani Electrostate, Stepping into signage

Located in Indira Nagar of Lucknow city, New Anjani Electrostate offers whimsical and imaginative print outputs to the demands of their customers from all walks of life and market clusters. The vigour of the company’s overall innovative printing which comprises signage and graphic arts is its complete range of machines installed in its well-equipped production setup. “We are equipped with lines of printers for delivering commercial prints as well as display graphics,” mentions Deepak Gupta, Proprietor, New Anjani Electrostate.

The current machine portfolio of New Anjani Electrostate includes HP PageWide XL 5000 and Canon Océ Colorwave 500 for producing large-format graphics and a host of digital production presses for commercial printing. “Such completeness of machines of diverse technologies in production facility makes us capable to serve customers of different backgrounds. Our large-format printing is predominantly for professionals from the architectural sector and some from the signage & graphic arts market,”

Fuelled by the eagerness of fulfilling the increasing demands for high-quality and innovative graphic prints from their customers, Deepak says they prioritise to upgrade the company’s digital large-format printing division with the installations of latest and new machines from some reputed machine manufacturers or suppliers from India or abroad. The upgrade is going to happen soon in near future.

Go Flex, Going for flex and more

Go Flex, a new player in the league of sign makers in Gomti Nagar in Lucknow, the company’s footprints has been set all over the city. Vivek Goyal, Proprietor of Go Flex, says they are ambitious about offering a complete signage solution to their customers who would be happy to be partnered with them. In this respect, he adds that Go Flex is not about flex materials but also many others items and solutions. The company’s product portfolio is a complete combo.

“We are provider of signage printing materials as well as many other allied solutions or items,” mentions Vivek, adding that the portfolio consists of flex, vinyl, and other media as well as ready-made standees and such products. “Our idea is to provide some products which our customers can get from us directly without sparing their precious times on it,” he explains.

Most of Go Flex’s key clients are from Uttar Pradesh and neighbouring areas of Bihar and Delhi-NCR. “We have a team of seven staff now taking care of our overall activities. However, we see the increasing volume in our business as most of our customers are yarning for complete signage solutions or finished products apart from just getting printing materials from us,” asserts Vivek. Go Flex is exclusive dealer of TechNova signage materials—NovaJet & NovaSign.

Vinamra Signage Solution, Master in modular solution

Vinamra Signage Solution, a leading manufacturer of modular signage, LED display boards, LED signage solutions, aluminium letters, has its stature of being a master supplier of one-of-its-kind promotional, shop-front, roof top and facia signage items. Vivek Gupta, Proprietor of Vinamra Signage Solution, says the main objective of the company is to make such modular glow signs that stand out in the crowd. He adds that Vinamra Signage Solution provides not just signage but a solution.

A unique trait of Vinamra Signage Solution is that the company chooses high-end ALDEKO panels to create the signage solutions which have both quality and life. In this context, Vivek says ALDEKO products are premium and would inspire new aesthetics and would enable new design possibilities in coming times. “So, our commitment to quality, sustainability and innovation are outcome of using such products and high-end precision machines.”

Production facility of Vinamra Signage Solution is equipped with a string of high-end machines and equipment, including a Mehta CNC router and others. Backed by a dozen of well-experienced and highly-skilled workforce, the company serves for a handful of clients including some corporate companies. “As of now we confine only in Luncknow and some neighbouring cities and towns, however, we are planning to expand our footprint soon,” concludes Vivek.

Santosh Impex, Quality consumables & more

Since its establishment in the year 2013, Santosh Impex has made a name for itself in the field of supplying signage and advertisement materials and other consumables. “We cover whole Uttar Pradesh and some select cities of India. Over the years, we are glad to say that we are able to achieve what we aim at different levels. Our aim is to offer some of the best-in-class signage materials or consumables for our quality conscious customers engaging in signage solutions and high-level projects,” says Swapna Garg, Proprietor of Santosh Impex.

She adds that Santosh Impex is acknowledged wide all across Uttar Pradesh for providing the best-in-class products, materials and consumables. “We are a team of around 15 people under my leadership. For being a female proprietor, many ask me the reason why it is so in the man-dominated signage industry. The reason is simple: my husband is a government employee and he can’t devote his time and share to Santosh Impex,” she reasons.

Swapna says she’s quite happy for the fact that women leaders in the signage industry all across the world, including some in India, are being recognised gradually. “At the end of the day, it’s not gender but the capability to offer or serve your clients to the fullest. So, in this context we are provider of finest range of media and other end-solutions like standees, canopies, etc. In fact, we aspire to serve our customers to our best level,” she assets. Santosh Impex is an authorised UP distributer of AT Inks and Alucopanel.

Signage.In, New but tending to grow

In a sense, Signage.In is just a ‘new kid in the block’ kind of a signage player in the vibrant signage market of Lucknow. “We are quite at an infant stage now in the city’s signage landscape. Our establishment is just a few months old. However, we are looking at something unconventional way of sign making to mark our presence in the market. Unconventional way means to offer something which would be different from what conventional sign makers are doing,” tells Asif Raza Khan, Director, Signage.In.

He adds, “Our focus is on making modular signage solutions for corporate offices and outdoor environments like resorts, malls, residential complexes. So, we have just opened a new setup where installed a CNC routing machine and a laser engraver capable to handle various rigid materials like MDF, wood, aluminium panels, etc to produce premium modular signage solutions such as sleek way-finding signs, directional display panels, etc.” Signage.In has recently started working for corporate buildings and such locations in Lucknow.”

A small team of four experienced staff of Signage.In is dedicatedly engaging in production of cut-letter modular signs. “We are getting into some R&D on how we can make a difference among our market competitors by producing the creative and innovative displays. What we are looking at is to invest in more machines which are advanced and capable to deliver high-precision routing and engraving,” mentions Asif, adding that their ultimate goal is to work as a as a player capable to fulfil corporate customers’ demands.