TechNova offers full spectrum of digital signage print media-expo-newdelhi

TechNova, a pioneer & household name in the Indian printing industry, is a provider of a full spectrum of digital signage print media under NovaJet (for aqueous dye & pigment inks) & NovaSign (for eco-solvent, UV & latex inks). The spectrum includes self-adhesive poster media, banner materials, backlit media, canvas media, and specialty media which are tailored explicitly for various signage & display applications.


Diverse selection of TechNova’s digital signage print media covers various printing needs, ensuring high-quality and visually striking outputs across different applications and print technologies like aqueous dye & pigment, eco-solvent, UV and Latex. “By manufacturing world-class signage print media in India, TechNova not only affirms the capability of Indian manufacturing in meeting global standards but also ensures accessibility to premium-quality printing solutions for domestic as well as international customers,” says Shetal Shah, GM-Sales, Digital Print Media Division, TechNova Imaging Systems (P) Ltd.

Due to its print industry legacy of over 50 years, innovative R&D and world-class manufacturing facilities, TechNova exhibits its ability to consistently deliver global-quality products and services, which eventually helping them earn trust and reliability among their customers worldwide.

Self-Adhesive Poster Media: Designed for ease of use and application, TechNova’s Self-Adhesive Poster Media that consist of self-adhesive PVC and PP, provides a convenient solution for creating posters suitable for indoor and outdoor displays. These materials offer excellent print quality, durability, and adhesive properties, making them ideal for retail promotions, informational signage, and temporary displays.

Banner Media: TechNova’s Banner Media consist of films and fabrics crafted for indoor & semi-outdoor conditions while maintaining vibrant print quality. These durable materials are suitable for various advertising needs, roll-up standees, hanging banners, events, trade shows and promotions, ensuring long-lasting and impactful displays.

Backlit Media: An assortment of films and fabric media specifically engineered to enhance printed graphics when illuminated, TechNova’s Backlit Media ensure vivid and attention-grabbing displays. These materials are perfect for light-boxes, indoor signage, and promotional displays, delivering stunning visuals that stand out day and night. During CEIF 2024 in Mumbai, TechNova is set to launch new inkjet backlit films in sheet form for the photographic segment, fulfilling creative and print needs of photo professionals.

Canvas Media: Catering to artistic and decorative needs, TechNova offers a full range of canvas media that mimic the texture and appearance of traditional canvas used for fine art prints. This digital print canvas provides a textured surface suitable for artists, photographers, and designers aiming to create high-quality reproductions, gallery wraps or artistic displays.

Specialty Media: TechNova’s Specialty Media range includes unique materials such as clear window films & printable privacy films. These films cater to specialised printing needs allowing for creative and attention-grabbing displays that make a distinct impact.

Here the bottom line is that TechNova’s commitment to providing a complete range of materials for signage printing ensures that brand managers, businesses, advertisers, and creative professionals have accessed to high-quality and versatile media that aligns with their specific requirements. Whether it’s for indoor branding, outdoor advertising, artistic displays, or specialised promotions, the range of materials offers durability, exceptional print quality, and ease-of-use to bring diverse signage visions to life. For further information visit: