Magnificent Five Printers from LISCO for PSPs of all types & sizes

Ahmedabad-headquartered LISCO Systems, a venture of SCORPIO TECHBURST, provides printers in all ranges and configurations. Being a supplier of the most advanced and latest machines from all over the world, the company now offers a combo of magnificent five Gongzheng printers which are ideal choices for print service providers (PSPs) of all types & sizes.


Current product portfolio of LISCO consists of best-in-segment products like UV roll-to-rolls, UV flatbeds, solvents, eco-solvents, textile printers as well as consumables and spare parts. “Picked up from our existing machine portfolio are these five Gongzheng printers we offer as a combo from which any PSP (print service provider) of any type and size can choose as per their requirements.

  • Gongzheng GZM32KM PRO

An affordable 3.2m roll-to-roll LED printer with varnish option, this Gongzheng GZM32KM PRO is equipped with Konica Minolta 1024i/1024a high-speed printheads. It is designed to run at the high-precision speed of 28.5 to 30sqm/hr. Its dual water cooling LED UV lamps are effective and energy saving. The negative pressure system of the printer assures stable ink supply and nozzle jetting.

  • Gongzheng H2513ET RPO

A high-end UV flatbed printer, Gongzheng H2513ET PRO is perfectly engineered for greater productivity on larger and thicker materials. Built on drop-on-demand piezo with variable dot printing technology, this flatbed system is equipped with up to four EPSON T3200-U3 printheads and capable to run at the maximum 59.6sqm/hr, delivering prints in resolution of 726×600/900/1200 dpi.

  • Gongzheng GZF3200ET

A hybrid belt-converting UV printer is equipped with up to EPSON T3200 printheads, Gongzheng GZF3200ET is capable to print on a broad range of flexible media and rigid substrates from one device. LED UV lamps and anti-static system enable to print on diverse substrates. Negative pressure system of the printer assures stable ink supply and nozzle jetting.

  • Gongzheng GZH5306SG

A solvent inkjet printer, Gongzheng GZH5306SG is equipped with six Starfire 1240 printheads staggered in three rows (one printhead in two colours). Compatible with a range of printing media types like banner, backlit, frontlit, vinyl, film, etc., this printer can print media up to the width of 5300mm. It features GnTek negative pressure recirculation system for steady ink delivery.

  • Gongzheng WD1804E/WD1808E

A belt system PU printer, Gongzheng WD1804E/WD1808E is equipped with the genuine EPSON I3200 E1 printheads, which is ideally engineered for unparalleled productivity with high-quality graphics. Also, this printer features uniquely mounted printhead for quick setup and easy maintenance. The printer can run at the speed of 112sqm/hr in production mode.

LISCO Systems is a team of highly experienced industry professionals who understand the capability, stability and life of the machines they supply. The company’s channel partners are dotted all across the country in far and near cities and towns.

50 Years of ‘The Academy’ celebrated!

PRINTING United Alliance, a comprehensive member-based printing and graphic arts association, has celebrated 50 Years of its Academy of Screen and Digital Print Technologies (ASDPT), also known as ‘The Academy’. The Academy celebrated this special milestone during the recent PRINTING United Expo 2023 in Atlanta as it additionally welcomes its newest members. Also being celebrated are recipients of the Joe Clarke Innovator Award and David Swormstedt, Jr Award. In 1973, Alliance Board of Directors (SGIA, at the time), adopted a resolution creating The Academy, an honour society whose purpose was to promote and encourage the development of new technical papers relating to screen printing and making those papers available to the global industry.