Extraordinary signage solutions resonant around ITC Agri Business Division campus

Signage designs and way-finding solutions for ITC Agri Business Division at Guntur in Andhra Pradesh was the task at hand for Bengaluru-based design firm Rezonant Design. The Team Rezonant’s goal in the project was to represent the 100 years old brand ITC in sign systems and solutions without compromising on functionality.


Client : ITC Agri Business Division
Work : Way-finding signage
Location : Guntur, Andhra Pradesh
Design firm : Rezonant Design, Bengaluru


The challenge in the project was to develop a signage and way-finding scheme with a powerful theme. It was to enhance the mobility and reduce confusion of visitors and employees alike in the large and expansive campus of ITC Agri Business Division. After all, it was to create signage that looked unique and beautiful.


What does ITC do? The answer for this could get extremely complicated. The Team Rezonant simplified it! Their research led them to this answer: ITC helps farmers and promotes sustainability. The Team used this answer cohesively across their entire design theme.


The signage and way-finding scheme is ‘dual-layered’ on both literally and figuratively.

Dual-layer signage

The dual-layer concept also represents in some way, the close relationship between ITC and farmers. While ITC represents the front-end, it’s the relationship with farmers across India represents the robust back-end.


Eventually, the project created a unique and colourful way-finding experience, using internal and external signage solutions!

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