Catchy shop decors help retailers cash on festive mood

Sonal Khurana
Sonal Khurana

There are many factors and elements that pull attention of festive season shoppers in a retail arena. Of them, well designed decors of retail outlets are vital attractions as we witnessed the same during the recent Diwali. Commuters in Diwali shopping spree were unpretentiously pulled towards those retail stores whose decors are uniquely designed and delightfully displayed products on sales and offer in a way that inimitably stand out amid the crowds. This is how we say catchy shop decors are mood lifters for shoppers during festive shopping spree.

After Diwali, now Christmas and New Year are around the corners. So, it’s time for retailers to roll up their sleeves to get their decor works done for cashing on the festive mood of shoppers. It’s really exciting to see how decors at retail stores are protruded during the festive seasons. Eventually, those novel, colourful and catchy decors comprising various graphic elements and applications like POP, POS and other display graphic solutions at festive-themed retail stores are nothing but creative works of some signage players.

Retailers should be smart enough to select the right signage players whose expertises involve in execution of in-shop branding, designing, and decor projects. When it comes to in-shop decor projects, this domain is vibrant and picking up aggressively over the years. Unlike others, retail sector has always been alive and kicking with catchy and crowd-pulling decors or display applications. In this, signage players with a little innovation and creativity can bag big business opportunities in this ever expanding retail arena, particularly during these festive seasons.

As a matter of fact, many retailers nowadays add festive merchandises to cater to a broader appeal of shoppers during the festive seasons. It means that retail stores are eager to tap into the festive mood of shoppers. In such scenario, apart from what products and services they sell, roles of in-store decors to be flaunted attractively across the isles, walls and shop-fronts of the shops are vital. Nowadays, retailers must aware of the availability of groundbreaking digital and analogue decor solutions which signage players provide.

Signage players extensively engaging in execution of turnkey in-store graphic and decor projects must now equip with upgraded machines and technologies that can meet the needs of retailers who wish to shine with outstanding decor works during the festive seasons. At the end of the day, what retailers must do is to implement good decors in their in-store surroundings with festive-themed items and products selling in attractive prices or festive discounts. It’s time of the year for retail businesses to capture spending power of festive shoppers!

As we mentioned in the last issue that our travelling bandwagon will be heading for Kerala for ‘Region Exclusive’ coverage, we have done it! Our team has visited the historic port city of Kochi in Kerala to meet some of the city’s leading signage players. It’s amazing to learn how ambitious and innovative they are. They are all eager to move from one level to another with latest innovations and technologies.

Well, Wishing Everyone A Happy & Prosperous NEW YEAR 2024 Ahead!

Sonal Khurana