Mehta Cad Cam offers a combo of innovation & affordability

Mehta Cad Cam Systems has once again raised the bar in the realm of laser cutting, UV printing and collaborative development. Here’s an insight into the company’s significant leap forward with the latest combo of products & solutions for helping their customers boost businesses economically.


Cutting-edge CO2 laser cutter

Laser cutting technology is now redefined with Mehta’s latest offering—Vega 43 300-Watt CO2. This unique system is equipped with a powerful 300-watt glass tube, representing leaf forward in precision & efficiency. Vega 43 300-Watt has several cutting-edge features, making it a standard choice for businesses and industries that require high-speed and high-precision in taking up thick materials. It is equipped with a Panasonic AC servo motor and utilises a high-end, maintenance-free X-Y rail, providing a spacious working area measuring 4×3 ft.

One of the remarkable capabilities of Vega 43 300-Watt is its ability to effortlessly cut through acrylic materials ranging from 15 mm to 40 mm, while maintaining exceptional finishing quality. This makes it an ideal machine for those who work with thicker acrylic materials. Notably, Vega 43 300-Watt has gained significant popularity beyond Indian shores, particularly in Singapore. Its unique design, featuring a compact, enclosed body structure, sets it apart in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Strategic collaboration with Kyocera

In a significant development for the Indian signage & graphic arts industry, Kyocera has forged a strategic partnership with Mehta Cad Cam Systems, marking a pivotal collaboration that promises innovation and affordability. This partnership seeks to revolutionise the industry as Kyocera will be providing continuous technical knowledge to Mehta’s team for developing cutting-edge machine technology for the sector.

Kyocera is set to extend its support to Mehta in introduction of digital printers at competitive prices, aiming at not only expanding customer base in India but also in offshore markets. Collaboration between Mehta and Kyocera has already introduced flagship UV flatbed, UV flatbed hybrid, and UV roll-to-roll with Kyocera printheads. These new printers have redefined the standards for high-speed printing while maintaining the highest quality, all at affordable price points.

Latest RTR innovation with Kyocera printheads

Mehta’s latest high-speed Enzo 3200 UV roll-to-roll printer with Kyocera printheads is a game changer. It is made of a robust and heavy-duty structure with perfect design and dual rows of printheads on a single carriage, which in turn allow the printer to achieve remarkable speeds of up-to 640 sqft/hr. With Enzo 3200, one can utilise white ink, making it perfect for blackout printing. This innovation is a testament to Mehta’s commitment to advancing UV technology in the sign industry.

What truly sets the Enzo 3200 apart is its affordability – a printer that combines performance, design & affordability to cater to the evolving needs of the industry. This strategic move not only positions the Enzo 3200 as a competitive and accessible solution but also aims to promote the widespread adoption of UV technology in the sign industry.

UV Flatbed & Hybrid with Kyocera printheads

Mehta has set a significant benchmark in UV flatbed and hybrid printing with the advent of systems with RICOH Gen 5 and Gen 6 printheads, which have gained popularity not only in India but also across numerous overseas countries worldwide. Drawing on their extensive expertise in laser & CNC technology, Mehta’s team has crafted these digital printers to deliver exceptional quality and performance. Mehta’s UV flatbed printers have been in the market for over the last seven years, with hundreds of installations taken place worldwide. What sets these printers apart is their recent featuring of Kyocera printheads, known for their ability to deliver high-quality prints at remarkable speeds.

One of Mehta’s standout achievements is the mastery of creating flatbed hybrid printers, where a roll-to-roll attachment is seamlessly integrated with the flatbed design. This makes these printers exceptionally versatile, capable of handling both rigid materials like glass, wood, ACP, acrylic, metal as well as flexible materials such as flex, vinyl, banners, fabric, and beyond.

Among the impressive offerings, RK2513FR and RK3220FR are hybrid models designed to print on flat sheets measuring 8×4 ft and 10×5 ft, while also accommodating flexible media up to 3.2 m or 10 ft in width. This unique product line combines cost-effectiveness with a wide range of versatile applications. Mehta’s commitment to innovation and quality, coupled with Kyocera printheads, not only deliver superior printing quality but also offer unmatched flexibility and cost-effectiveness, catering to the diverse needs of businesses and industries worldwide.

The bottom line is that Mehta continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of digital printing, setting new standards for excellence & performance.