Nazdar announces 204 Series digital inks


Nazdar Ink Technologies has launched its 204 Series digital imaging inks, which customers have been impressed with the quality of output and cost-savings gained by making the switch to the alternative ink range. The inks are primarily introduced for the EMEA region. The inks offer a closely colour-matched and chemically-compatible alternative for Roland TrueVIS SG and VG Series printers using TrueVIS TR inks. With plug-and-play capabilities and consistent high-speed printing performance, users can simply replace the OEM ink as it runs out with the 204 Series ink, producing high-impact, high-intensity colours comparable to the original inkset. he low-odour Nazdar inks have been formulated to achieve the same regulatory classification as the OEM inks, making them suitable for use in environments without the need for specialised ventilation.