Cities get beautified with signage graphics while hosting international events

Sonal Khurana
Sonal Khurana

Whether Delhi or Varanasi, whenever a city is gearing up for hosting international events it’s quite apparent that beautification of its surroundings would surely be improved. Signage graphics and structures play a major role in this act of beautification. In fact, we all can say and see that signage infrastructures of a city get tremendous makeover while hosting an international event. These signage solutions are inevitable when it comes to beautifying venue of an event and its proximities.

Well, let’s look at the scenes of signage graphics and structures which had been flaunted and installed around the capital city during the three days of G20 Summit in New Delhi. Delhi really got a new look during the summit! The city got totally decked up with columns of innovatively, impressively and insightfully created signage solutions. These signage solutions worked and aptly applied anywhere right from heritage sites to conference venues.

Those signage graphics in many venues and heritage sites around Delhi during the G20 Summit stood out unique, portraying cultural and traditional ethos of the country. These specially crafted signage solutions being installed in both indoor and outdoor surroundings not only impress the international delegates but also inform them. This is how signage has become an integral part of big events or occasions taking place in your city.

Most of the signage solutions and structures at G20 Summit also gave a sense of community and made the international delegates feel welcomed. When strategically placed signage systems get locked to the eyeballs of onlookers and made them feel welcomed to where the signage is directing, that’s the value and effectiveness of the work of art and creativity. Those sign makers in Delhi and NCR who responsibly involved in the G20 Summit projects must be lauded for that.

There are a lot of things about the signage solutions that beautify a city while hosting a big international event or convention. Those sign makers as well as print service providers who engaged in G20 Summit were bound to use highly advanced machines and materials in order to meet the quality and consistency in graphic outputs, styles and structures. For instance, all media used in the projects were mandatory to be ‘green’ printable fabrics.

After roaming around various far-flung cities and towns, our travelling ‘Region Exclusive’ team has finally halted at Delhi-NCR’s two vibrant cities of Ghaziabad and Gurugram where many of the region’s signage stalwarts reside. The team will soon be heading for Kerala for the next issue’s exclusive coverage. Wait till then for an interesting regional story!

Sonal Khurana