A look inside FUJIFILM Sericol’s High-performance Pro-Jet Disperse and Sublimation textile inks


India is known to follow very traditional methods when it comes to textile printing. In recent years, an increase in demand for Dye Sublimation inks has attracted some advanced Inkjet printers and cutting-edge printing technologies in India and ink manufacturers are coming up with specialised inks to address the growing demand. The number of textile printers in India adopting dye sublimation inks is seemingly growing at a good rate.

According to a market report by Smithers Pira, the global dye sublimation print market is expected to reach $3.4 billion by 2021. Sensing this growth potential, FUJIFILM Sericol now offers two high- performance digital textile inks—Pro-Jet Disperse Inks (DIT) and Pro-Jet Sublimation Inks (DSD).

Both the inks are aqueous inkjet inks, which are custom designed for a wide range of uses including textile, commercial printing, industrial manufacturing, and packaging.

Pro-Jet Disperse Inks and Pro-Jet Sublimation Inks are designed for high throughput single pass inkjet printing. Both the inks are highly reliable during jetting and have full printhead compatibility. Customised for inkjet printing, these inks are available in a range of colours as Black (DIT/DSD 004), Yellow (DIT/DSD 052), Magenta (DIT/DSD 135) and Cyan (DIT/DSD 215) and perfect for printing on cotton and silk fabrics. Pro-Jet Disperse Inks is compatible with FUJIFILM Dimatix Star Fire 1024A printheads, while Pro-Jet Sublimation Inks are validated with FUJIFILM Dimatix Star Fire 1024A and EPSON DX5 printheads.

FUJIFILM Sericols’ immense experience in the printing industry over the years and its unstinted service to the screen printing industry knows the importance of colour and colour intensity to the industry. With this background, these Pro-Jet inks are engineered to have intense colour depth and brightness; a trademark of FUJIFILM Sericol’s vast experience of being in the printing industry for so many years.