Benson Polymers launches Polyfix CA Activator adhesive for acrylic sheet


Acrylic is a transparent plastic material with outstanding strength, stiffness, and optical clarity. Acrylic sheets are easy to fabricate, bonds well with adhesives and solvents, and easy to thermoform. Pasting of acrylic items normally does not give desired results as ordinary adhesives leave white marks/bubbles on the surface. Being transparent in nature acrylic pasting has to be absolutely white marks free otherwise the products made would be with flaws.

Amongst many adhesive grades of Benson Polymers, Polyfix Acrylic grade is best suitable for manufacturing acrylic cosmetic boxes, trophies, mementos, donation boxes, showcases, showpieces, mobile covers etc. CA glues generally release white fumes, when being used. This creates a rainbow or whitish haze surrounding the bond line. Blooming has no negative effect on the strength & durability of the bond but the transparency of acrylic sheets cannot afford to have marks on the surface. Polyfix acrylic grade super glue is ideal for the applications where clean & marks-free work is required.

Benson Polymers also offers high viscosity glue along with Polyfix Spray Activator for tough applications where there is need for cavity formation. High viscosity CA glue also suits for substrates which are porous in nature & difficult to bond. The thickness of HV glue, promotes choking of pores & small gaps on the surface & helps in curing. After applying glue and spray, Instant bonding is attained within seconds and no white marks are left.

Polyfix CA Activator decreases the bonding time of gel or high viscosity cyanoacrylate glues, which usually take time to dry. However, it can be used with other viscosities also. Polyfix Spray activator is solvent based, which when used with CA glue provides instant cure. It has non blooming properties, due to which it doesn’t leave any white marks on the surface.

When it comes to unique features, Polyfix CA Activator is ideal for applications like transparent where flawless/without marks work is required; it is designed for a wide variety usage to bond hard wood, stones, ceramic, metal, plastic, rubber, WPC Boards, HDHMR, HPL, etc and it fastens in mere seconds—perfect for high production areas, where time is a valuable factor.