Pacific Digital buys Handtop HT 3200e from Silicon Infotech


Mumbai-based Pacific Digital is one of the prominent names in the field of indoor & outdoor digital printing industry in India. The company boasts a state-of-the-art production facility which has been upgraded with the installation of a Handtop HT 3200e from Silicon Infotech, an authorised distributor of a wide range of UV, eco-solvent, print & cut printers and more.

Pacific Digital has already been using a Handtop UV flatbed printer, which is 10×5 ft in size compatible a broad range of rigid materials. The company has now installed a new HT3200e UV hybrid printer ideally designed for possibilities of advanced printing on both rigid as well as flexible materials.

Supplied and installed by Silicon Infotech, the new Handtop HT 3200e now running productively at Pacific Digital is a 3.2 m UV hybrid printer equipped with 10 Kyocera printheads. Mansukh Gala & Bipin Gala of Pacific Digital had seen the live demo of the Handtop HT 3200e hybrid printer at the recent APPPEXPO 2023 in Shanghai and finalised the machine’s deal during the expo itself.

The newly upgraded model Handtop HT3200e is equipped with the high-quality industrial-grade piezoelectric Kyocera printheads which have a variable drop size from 4, 6, and 10 pL giving the incredibly high-quality image outputs. Compared to the other wide-format printers in its class now available in the market, Handtop HTL 3200e is configured with the maximum of 10 Kyocera printheads which in turn delivers unbeatable speed up to 1500 sq ft/hr in an acceptable quality mode.

Kyocera printhead is known for high precision, fast speed and strong stability all over the world of printhead technologies. The perfect combination with Handtop printers as well as second upgrade of double row linear motor application, once again elevates the performance of Kyocera printheads to a new lever, bringing the miracle of high precision super-fast printing for the signage and advertising industry.