Every choice of UV printer by NEGI Sign Systems & Supplies Co

NEGI Sign Systems & Supplies Co., a household name in the Indian signage market, is known for its portfolio comprising a broad range of digital large-format printers of reputed brands with advanced features and technologies. Over the years, the company keeps expanding its product portfolio by adding new Large-Format Printers with technical advancements such as UV for printing onto any rigid media and direct-to-garment (DTG) printing technologies.When it comes to UV printing, NEGI Sign Systems & Supplies Co offers every choice of printer as per the need and requirement of their customers.


Since its inception in the year 1995, NEGI Sign Systems & Supplies Co. has been one of the top-notch suppliers of digital large-format printers in India. After all, the company is widely acknowledged for being the first introducer of Mutoh large-format printers in India. Today, they boast of a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Dehradun where manufactured printers under their own brand—‘NegiJet’. “It has been ten years since we started manufacturing NegiJet printers in India. The printers are signand graphics market and direct textile printers,” mentions Girvir Singh Negi, Director, NEGI Sign Systems & Supplies Co.

Other than usual solvent and eco-solvent printers, the current portfolio of NEGI Sign Systems & Supplies Co. consists of a line of Direct Textile, Dye-Sublimation, Direct-to-Garment (DTG) and UV printers. The company has also partnered with the world’s leading brands of wide-format RIPs, finishing systems and consumables (inks).

When NEGI Sign Systems & Supplies Co. first introduced flex printers in India around two decades ago, no other players were seen there around. But today, the market has more than 500 plus resellers who were initially worked with machine manufacturers and suppliers. This is one of the major reasons why low-priced solvent printers from China are flooded in the Indian market. But NEGi SIGN systems has always been ahead of the market in introducing new technologies and handling international brands such as Mutoh – Japan, Brother- Japan, exclusively for India, and meeting the need of their customers in the high-end segments. In this respect, Girvir Singh says they are known for the quality products they produce and supply, which are favoured by their clients who don’t bother about price.

In order to meet the need of their customers, NEGI Sign Systems & Supplies Co. has a network of multiple branches based in all major cities across India, formed by a team of highly qualified engineers and technically skilled sales professionals.
UV Range

NEGI Sign Systems & Supplies Co. provides their customers every choice of UV printer. The portfolio consists of a line of advanced and versatile UV printers. “Today, the overall focus in the signage industry is on UV technology, irrespective of media types, whether roll-to-roll or rigid materials. Even those PSPs using eco-solvent printers are switching to UV machines to explore new applications in new market domains. When it comes to flatbed printing, only UV technology is ideal for diverse applications,” comments Girvir Singh.
He emphasises the unlimited possibilities of UV printing as there are smaller UV machines measuring 2×2’ or 2×3’ designed for gift solutions while bigger machines of 4×8’, 5×10’ or 10×5’ are made for applications such as glass, wood, ceramic, etc. He adds, “There are other applications like door and almirah printing which are now possible at ease because of the advancement of UV printing technology.”

The UV product line of NEGI Sign Systems & Supplies Co. offers their customers the options to print on roll up media such as flex, vinyl, one-way vision as well as rigid materials including glass, acrylic, wood, MDF, ceramic tiles, etc. The printers are available in very competitive prices.

Negijet UVF: Equipped with the newest RICOH Gen5/ 6/Kyocera/Konica Minolta 1024i printheads, Negijet UVF flatbed is designed for Faster Speed, Finer Prints and Flawless Design. The entry level printer can run at the speed of 26 sq m/h delivering prints in resolution which can also

reach speed upto 80 sq m/hr with higher configuration. This printer is robustly built to last and is an excellent choice for users who are engaging in all sorts of industries including advertising, gift, home decors, packaging, cosmetics, etc. Main applications include glass, metal, acrylic, leather, lenticular, phone case and others. It provides an excellent colour management, giving brilliant colours and stunning print result.

Negijet UVR Series: Negijet UVR 3200 Series are roll-to-roll UV printers equipped with advanced Kyocera or RICOH Gen-5 printheads. Kyocera printhead has 3.5 pl ink droplet size and 2656 nozzles. The printhead has double-row inlet ink tubes to ensure even ink flowing pressure. In the meanwhile, RICOH Gen-5 printhead has 7 pl ink droplet size and 1280 nozzles. Capable to run at 73 sq m/hr in production mode, Negijet UVR Series printers feature excellent UV curing system that supports heat-labile media.

Negijet Alpha: Negijet Alpha UVTF Series UV printers are practicability flatbed systems which feature industrial RICOH GEN5 printhead. Using environmental protective UV inks, these Negijet flatbed printers are compatible with a diverse range of rigid printing materials such as wood, aluminium panel, glass, ceramic, acrylic, paperboards, etc. The printhead of Negijet Alpha UVTF Series printers can adjust media up to 100 mm thick. These printers feature anti-collision emergency stopping device.

Negijet UVO: Negijet UVO Series multi-function UV flatbed printers are designed to meet different orders of applications. With three staggered lines printheads, these printers are capable to select different colour configurations such as dual CMYK or CMYK+W+ V. The integrated belt and flatbed media feeding system of the printers is competent to print both roll and rigid printing materials. Running at the speed of 80 sq ft/hr (8 pass), these printers can take up to 8 mm thick media and produce prints in resolution of 1200 dpi. Main applications include customised car stickers, light box posters, backdrop wall cloth, leather printing, etc.

Textile Portfolio

When it comes to eco-friendliness and sustainability in the signage company, textile printing is gaining a new ground in the signage industry. In response to this new trend, NEGI Sign Systems& Supplies Co. offers a range of Direct Textile Printers and DTG printers compatible with diverse range of media and Sublimation Printers from Mutoh. The company is an exclusive India distributor of Brother DTG printers.

NegiJet TX Series: Negijet TX Series printers, which are available as R-1900, R-2200 and R-3300 models, are premium quality textile printers and ideal solution for those looking for high-quality prints at low running cost. This series of printers are user friendly, powered by RICOH Gen-5 variable dot printheads and capable to run at the speed of 100 sq m/hr (12 printheads) to produce prints in 1200 dpi resolution. These printers can print directly on to any fabrics such cotton, wool, silk, polyester, viscose, etc.

Brother GTX: Brother DTG is not merely a T-shirt printer but an X-factor of garment printing business.Capable to print at 1200 x1200 dpi, this printer is combined with Innobella Textile Inks that allow users to incorporate a wider colour gamut for amazing clarity. Versatile platens and large gap of the printer allow users print over seams, across zippers, on pockets and more.

Mutoh VJ 1948 WX: Mutoh ValueJet 1948 WX is a dye-sublimation printer that opens a new era of high production dye sublimation printing, delivering brilliant colours and speeds that fly. This printer achieves a maximum speed of 117.3 sq m/hr in the resolution of 360×720 dpi (2 pass). The staggered 4-printhead setup of the printer enables high-speed printing and improved productivity.

Solvent & Eco-Solvent Line

The portfolio of NEGI Sign Systems & Supplies Co. consists of a line of solvent and eco-solvent printers, which include newly lauched Mutoh ExpetJet 1682SR/1641SR, Mutoh ValueJet series (eco-solvents) for high resolution in-store graphics and NegiJet K3300 (solvent) and Wit-Color solvent printers. These printers are high-quality and high-production printers designed for diverse indoor and outdoor signage graphics.