D-Kit Media redefines sustainability with ‘green’ DWP media

Its printing facility runs 15 machines from BRITOMATICS


A household name in the world of ‘green’ printing media, Thane-based D-Kit Media is manufacturer of a unique range of highly eco-friendly Digital Wall Printing (DWP) media. In chat with Sign & Graphics, the inventor & pioneer Dayaram S Mahajan, Founder-Director & Sandesh Ghorpande, Managing Director, D-Kit Media Pvt Ltd, talk about their products and continuing journey towards future sustainability.

Headquartered in Thane (Mumbai) with Pan-India execution capabilities, D-Kit Media has been into in-house production and printing of Digital Wall Printing (DWP) media, which are PVC-free, 100 percent‘green’ and recyclable. “Our DWP media are proudly ‘Made in India’ and designed to adhere to normal as well as uneven surfaces including rough wall, wood, glass, shutter, container, etc.,” says Sandesh.

He continues, “We manufacture our line of DWP media in a mission with a vision to add value to the environment by saving tree, freeing from land, water & air pollution.” He adds that the media are non-toxic with zero percent phthalate count, zero percent chlorine content, and 25 percent light weight as compared to any other PVC media available in the market.

DWP product line

DWP media are smooth, bright, white, opaque and flexible water based non-PVC coated with high dynamic sensitivity to water. The materials have unique features to create authentic graffiti-like graphics that installers could hardly pull off using traditional wall painting and paper-based media. DWP media are available in size 50 inch wide and 100 metre long in roll formats.

Water Activated Media: Multi-surface with UV ray & rain resistance feature to last up to nine months to one year visibility in outdoor conditions, this media is non-removable, non-tearable and temper-proof. It can be applied easily on any surface with great speed to achieve high execution rate for faster expedition of campaigns.

Self-Adhesive Media: This product is multi-surface & self-adhesive with excellent print quality. Non-removable, non-tearable, temper-proof, UV ray & rain resistance features, this media is made for nine months to one year visibility and durability in outdoor conditions.

Media with Metallic Effect: Key benefit of this multi-surface and high-glossy media is its capability to give metallic effect after application. With a guarantee of outdoor life span and visibility up to one year, this product line with metallic effect can be applied easily with great speed.

Sticker Format: Multi-surface, self-adhesive media with lamination, this sticker format media has less chance to get damaged on field and while transportation. This line is available in multiple sizes—small to big—very easy to apply by laymen without formal training.

Globally patented media

The ‘green’ DWP media are compatible with all printing technologies, viz. UV, Latex, inkjet, eco-solvent, solvent, screen and offset. “After rigorous lab tests, our media considered safe and certified with a handful of green compliance certificates & received DWP Product Patent in 11 countries across the world,” asserts Dayaram.

Printing facility

D-Kit Media directly works with a host of leading brands, providing them prints for turnkey projects at pan-India level. The company boasts a media manufacturing & printing facility of 40,000 sq ft in area, equipped with two most advanced imported high-speed coating machines with a string of advanced technology 15 Allwyn printers from BRITOMATICS. “With these production printers we are empowered to produce six lakh+sq ft printable DWP media per day. We have a strong team who can execute around five lakh +sq ft prints on field pan-India per day,” says Sandesh.

He adds, “One of our key clients is Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) in the FMCG segment. We are currently working for State Government campaigns & many other government projects line up with different states of India. We extensively indulge in awareness campaigns of many political parties as well. We are quite active in both rural and urban areas across the length and breadth of India. Just recently we have completed a landmark Digital Wall Painting Campaign in Assam,” mentions Sandesh.

D S Mahajan – The Inventor!

The Inventor & Pioneer, DayaramS Mahajan, Founder-Director of D-Kit Media Pvt Ltd. is the man behind the creation of the highly eco-friendly line of DWP media. He is an industry veteran with 40 years of experience. Now the inventor of DWP Media is geared up to introduce eco-friendly range of Vinyl Media & Metallic Finish Fabric Media.