Digital Ink Solution offers inks for all sophisticated printheads


Founded amid the peak pandemic period, Digital Ink Solution was forged into the challenges presented by the global socio-economic conditions, standing as a testament to their dedication even in the most trying times, offering a range of highly efficient & economical inks for digital large-format printing. Here’s a sneak peek into the product range.

Made in India for the world, Digital Ink Solution manufactures two variants of inks—Solvent & Eco-Solvent. Branded under its co-brand UNI Inks, all the inks of Digital Ink Solution are manufactured indigenously at the company’s state-of-the-art Vadodara manufacturing plant of more than 22,000 sq ft in area, which is equipped with a line of world-class ink manufacturing machines and equipments.

Solvent-based inks

Current line of Digital Ink Solution’s solvent-based inks comprises Optima, Maxima & Elegance. These three inks are ‘Green Grade’ products with low odours. In this line, UNI Lite is available as Retro Grade, which is formulated by using cyclo-hexagon as of the solvent which allows normal odour in the inks. Good for solvent-based printheads, Retro Grade inks have 8 to 10 cps viscosity with outdoor life span of up-to 8-10 months based on the demographical climatic condition and applications.

Maxima is formulated by using proprietary solvent combination as truly odourless inks, suitably for perfect jetting of solvent-based printhead with 8 to 10 cps viscosity. With particle size below 0.095 micron, which is much lower than the industry standard, this ink line has outdoor life span up to 14-18 months. On other hand, Elegance is a ‘no odour’ ink range, which is formulated in an international standard for colour gamut comprising glossy and vivid colours. It promises outdoor life span up to 24 months.

Eco-Solvent range

In the meanwhile, the eco-solvent range comprises Epitome Eco inks. The inks are formulated by using perfect pigment combination with suitable eco-solvent compound suitably for all types of eco-solvent printheads of smaller pico-litre sizes. Developed with 4 to 8 cps viscosity, Epitome Eco inks have the outdoor life span up to 24 months based demography and climatic condition.

In addition to the highly environment friendly Epitome Eco eco-solvent inks, Digital Ink Solution has recently developed a new range of Marvel UV Inks—UV-cured inks that will enter production and be available for customer soon in near future.

With new development in product line as well as its distributor network, Digital Ink Solution is growing leaps and bounds on the expansion front. “Both our lines of Solvent and Eco-Solvent inks have passed the test of rigorous standards in terms of quality and compatibility with diverse printing technologies,” says Pradipta Chowdhury, Co-Founder, Digital Ink Solution.

Inspired by the ideology of PM Narendra Modi’s Atmanirbhar Bharat or ‘self-reliant India’ mission, Digital Ink Solution develops its inks in the international standards to meet the increasing demands for Made in India products for Indian customers. “Our inks are true to the global standards. At the same time, all our inks are affordable as each product provides the best value for money,” mentions Pradipta.

Digital Ink Solution offers inks compatibly with all sophisticated printhead technologies. With no MOQ (minimum order quantity), the company supports all types of dealers and manufacturers across India and abroad, irrespective of their scale and volume of orders.

EIZO Corporation unveils India subsidiary

EIZO Corporation, a global leader in visual technology, has launched a new subsidiary, EIZO Private Limited, in India with which the company marks its 11th overseas sales office, solidifying its position as a leading provider of high-end visual solutions. EIZO products are already sold in more than 120 countries, and the addition of India to its target regions reinforces EIZO’s commitment to its customers and its global expansion strategy. EIZO has been present in India for 17 years, engaging with customers through a distributor. With the establishment of its own subsidiary, EIZO can invest in corporate resources and implement flexible sales measures in response to the needs of the market.

Rohan Chahande, MD of EIZO Private Limited, stated, “With economic growth and development in India expected to continue over the mid to long term, EIZO’s decision to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary in India will enable the company to actively invest in corporate resources and implement flexible sales measures to meet the needs of the Indian market.” Speaking on the new India subsidiary, Masato Nakashima, Director of EIZO Private Limited, said that they believe that EIZO visual technologies can contribute to solving and improving India’s challenges. EIZO is committed to enriching people’s professional and personal lives by offering total imaging solutions with a range of monitors, software, video capture, processing, and distribution solutions, cameras, and advanced integrated technologies.