Trends & Developments Particularly Relevant Now


We all know that the signage world is always evolving with us in one way or another. However, it’s quite a dynamic world in which trends keep changing with constant developments of new products, technologies and strategies. More and more sign makers and brand owners nowadays embrace digital signage as a trendy and catchy medium to woo their customers. In fact, digital signage has certain advantages over traditional analogue signs as it can be easily and instantly updated.

Yet another trend in the signage world is ‘sustainability’ for it is a buzz word around for using green technologies and materials in sign making and production processes. Highly conscious about health, safety and environment, most of the customers or brand owners these days prefer eco-friendly signage solutions. So, sustainability is equally important for both customers and sign makers. In this, sign makers must significantly respond to this call for green solutions from their customers.

Also trending in the industry are personalised signs and plaques which explore and move business to the right direction. A well-crafted personalised sign—whether a storefront design or party decor—eventually helps a brand or business stand out to create a more memorable experience for customers. A market report on OOH advertising by Nielsen states that 16 percent of people who see a signage or an advertisement displayed at a storefront visited the business immediately after seeing it.

Here comes another trendy and ultra-modern model of signage. That’s AR (augmented reality)! Using AR technology in signage allows customers to engage with a brand or product appearing on a screen in an exciting way. This signage medium used by many brand owners or sign makers all over the globe brings a new scope of dynamic advertising using smart, influencing and entertaining content. This is indeed a trend to go a long way in future.

Another exciting trend in the signage industry is ‘contactless options’, which was compelled due to COVID-19 pandemic protocols like social distancing. During the ill-fated pandemic times, most of the businesses were looking for ways to minimise contact with customers. In such situation, signage plays a pivotal role in providing contactless options for ordering or accessing information. Brand owners and sign makers must keep themselves updated to keep up with these new trends and stay ahead.

After all, the current era belongs to tech-savvy consumers and new generations who rather enjoy digital than analogue models. So, signage solutions must evolve and follow strategies to the rhythm of changing behaviours of customers. In this issue, we have Guwahati under our Region Exclusive column. Sign makers in this far-flung North-East Indian city are innovative & trendy as they wisely identify the ongoing trends & technologies they must pick.

Sonal Khurana