EFI and Brett Martin – A winning combination


EFI and Brett Martin welcomed the return of PRINTING United 2022. The Las Vegas expo gave the companies another valuable opportunity for a winning collaboration – with EFI printing two of Brett Martin’s rigid substrates on two of its wide format printers. EFI showcased a breadth of products, including the EFI VUTEk h5 hybrid flatbed/roll-fed LED inkjet printer suitable for industrial scale, high-volume printing and the EFI Pro 30h hybrid LED inkjet printer, an entry-level production device with excellent print quality. This year, EFI chose to use Brett Martin’s Foamalux Ultra, a foam PVC available in seven colors which has a co-extruded gloss surface, and Foamalux Eco, a black foam PVC that contains up to 80 percent reclaimed foam PVC regrind content.