Innovia Films releases new generation of polypropylene high-gloss films


Innovia Films, a global manufacturer of specialty BOPP packaging & labeling solutions, has announced the launch of new polypropylene (CPP) films. The company has been in the graphics arts industry offering its dedicated Rayoart PVC free film range. During this time, continual development has led to the outdoor durability of the films being extended to four years, and a white matte film has been added to the range. The new generation of polypropylene, high gloss films from Innovia Films are printable on both HP Latex and UV inkjet systems. The surface engineering team of Innovia Films has continued to innovate and has optimized the wide format printability of these films. Rayoart GCP (clear) and Rayoart GWP (white) are available in both 60 and 92-micron thicknesses and are formulated on the reverse side to give enhanced adhesive anchorage.