RICOH releases new highfiring TH6310F industrial inkjet printhead


Designed for single or multi-pass applications in textiles, packaging and signage graphics, RICOH announces the release of a new ‘high-firing’ TH6310F industrial inkjet printhead. The printhead will be available globally from November 23. The new TH6310F will be launched as the flagship model amongst RICOH’s family of industrial inkjet printheads. Utilising its high firing frequencies, the printhead is the most productive inkjet printheads by RICOH till date for both single and multi-pass applications. The nozzle layout of the TH6310F is designed to prevent airflow from ejected ink droplets from affecting adjacent droplets and resulting image quality, enabling high-quality printing even with a 4mm gap. The ink recirculation structure of TH6310F continuously circulates ink behind the nozzle, significantly reducing the risk of nozzle drying, ink particle sedimentation, and other jetting failures.