RICOH’s new TH6310F inkjet printhead for both single & multi-pass applications


The newly launched RICOH TH6310F that uses a thin film piezo actuator (a kind of piezoelectric transducer that creates mechanical deformation by applying a voltage used for jetting drops of ink), and is a key component in digital printing systems, is an flagship model among the company’s family of industrial inkjet printheads. Using its high firing frequencies, the new printhead is the most productive inkjet models by RICOH for both single and multi-pass applications. It uses Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems (MEMS): a general term for miniatured electro-mechanical devices or technology. It enables high jetting accuracy, while its unique nozzle layout yields print quality even at high gap printing (printing that requires distance between the printhead and the media, such as printing on uneven surfaces) required in textile and other applications.