EFI Nozomi wins Pinnacle Award in Single-Pass Printer category


Three digital print technologies from EFI, which included the Nozomi 18000+ display graphics printer, have won Pinnacle Product Awards from the Printing United Alliance. EFI’s Fiery software was also recognised. EFI’s newest high-speed production solution, the EFI Nozomi 18000+ LED single-pass printer for display graphics, which was launched in February 2021, won the 2021 Pinnacle Product Award in the single-pass printer category. This award, which is given based on a strict file output comparison against a test print provided by Printing United, speaks to the premium quality and remarkable accuracy possible with EFI’s ground-breaking UV LED single pass technology, using up to seven colours, including optional white, orange and violet inks.

The newest version of EFI Fiery FreeForm Create (pictured right) is the 2021 Pinnacle Product Award winner in the variable and transactional software category.