Tremai LED adds new value and innovation to illuminated signs

Innovation to Illumination—this corporate slogan defines the products, service and ethics of Tremai LED, a leading provider of high-quality LED lighting solutions for diverse applications in different industrial sectors, exclusively including signage. The company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in New Delhi is where they adhere to scientific quality control mechanism.


Currently, Tremai LED boasts of a complete product portfolio which primarily consists of LED Modules, SMPS and other lighting solutions for illuminated or glow sign applications. The company has a policy of dealing only with the products and solutions which have been certified globally for quality purposes.

LED Modules

Tremai LED Module Series consists of models such as Tremai Xtreme (Sign Series), Tremai Max (Mini Series), Tremai Pro (Sign Series), Tremai Phoenix (Sign Series), Tremai Eco (Sign Series), Tremai Futura (Sign Series), among others.

All the LED Modules are designed for perfect homogeneity and perfectly uniform illumination. Made of high-quality materials such as fire resistant wire and tinned copper wire, each of the module has small mounting depth and premium quality LEDs are used. Life span of each of the module is more than 50000 hours.

Each of the Tremai LED Module is designed with McAdam 4 to tolerate narrow white light. All the modules are guaranteed for certain years—Tremai Xtreme (5 years), Tremai Max (2 years), Tremai Pro (5 years), Tremai Phoenix (5 years), Tremai Eco (2 years) and Tremai Futura (2 years)

LED Bars

In the portfolio are LED bars such as Rigid Bar (for backlit lighting) and 12 LED Curtain Bar (for backlit lighting). These reliable and cost effective rigid bars are designed with various degree wide angles and easy for installation. Perfectly designed for long distance lighting and high luminous efficiency, both the bars are ideal for a wide range of applications such as light boxes, double-side scrolling light boxes and other adverting purposes. The bars use 12V DC driver and guaranteed for one year and two years respectively.

Power Supplies

Tremai LED offers a range of SMPS models, particularly for backlit and sign series lighting. The range includes Delta Series, Slim Series and Ultra Series. The highly efficient Delta Series are miniature in size, 1U low, equipped with LED indicator and available in 60W/100W/150W and 200W/300W/400W. Other unique features of the series include the in-built DC fan for forced air cooling. The models have passed 100 percent full load built-in test and perfectly designed to protect short circuit, overload and over voltage.

Slim Series are reliable and efficient, available in 30W/60W/100W and 150W/200W/300W. They are designed for comprehensive protection against abnormal operating conditions. Unique features of the series include the isolated water proof constant current LED driver with ingress protection in a universal input voltage range. The models are warranted for two years and lasted for a span of up to 50000 hours.

Ultra-Series SMPS models are isolated power suppliers with high conversion efficiency, low temperature rise and high precision of constant voltage. The unique features of the series include built-in anti-interference filter circuit, high reliability through AC output range up to 310V. The models feature high brand materials which can effectively guarantee the quality of the products and available in diverse watts—36W, 60W, 100W, 200W, 500W and 400W.

Other LED solutions

Designed for decorative lighting, other products in the portfolio include Focus Light, Wall Washer Series, Sign PCB Series, Rate Display Units, Emergency Light, Canopy Light, Down Light and others.

Tremai LED lighting products have successfully passed various international certifications such as s CE, RoHS and BIS. During production, the company ensures that they strictly adhere to scientific quality control mechanism which fully conforms to ISO9001 and ISO14000 standards.

Tremai LED is a complete LED lighting solution under one roof and with the capacity and infrastructure with complete designing and testing of LED drivers, isolated lights, all can match every certain lighting parameter. Tremai LED is an approved brand for LED lighting luminaire for HPCL, IOCL and BPCL, Airport Authority of India and available through a pan-India dealer network.