UV flatbed printers boost profitability in almirah printing business to another level

New trend of customisation in personal belongings is on the rise. In order to give homes and workplaces a makeover, people are opting for almirahs with digitally printed doors with pre-set designs or personalised prints. In this, ColorJet UV flatbed printers are here to change the business landscape of almirah printing, boosting profitability to another level.


It is important that you consider the digital printing of almirahs or closets to ensure a more elegant perception of your business and move with the ever changing market demands. The almirah printing market is now projecting an increase in demand for printed home furnishing products. In addition to being in demand for the B2C market, the sector has the potential to capture the B2B segment by servicing industries like furniture design & production, architectural rendering, interior designing and wood veneer manufacturing, among many others.

In the vibrant and growing almirah printing market, ColorJet UV flatbed printers are here to stay and carry business forward with productivity and profitability. Apart from almirah printing, these UV flatbed printers are also designed for other applications such as printing on ceramic tiles, glass, doors (wood, metal & PVC), acrylic & ACP sheets, mobile back covers and laptop back panels and others. Compatibility for multiple applications makes these printers a perfect choice to expand print business in diverse domains.

From imagination to life

The printing process with ColorJet UV flatbed printers is simple and delivers more than desirable results. While printing almirah panels, there’s no need for pre-coating. The panels can be printed directly. Post-printing, a coating needs to be applied that helps give 3D and gloss finish, which eventually makes the surface scratch-free, increases life span of the print, enhances credibility in the market.

As per the joint research by Apsom Infotex and ColorJet, the almirah printing industry had grown at a CAGR of around 35 percent in the past one year. The state-of-the-art ColorJet UV flatbed printers help bring imagination to life quickly, seamlessly, and as desired. Approximately 1000 almirah panels can be printed with these printers every month (each panel of 18 sq ft). It means giving print business a boost with CJ UV flatbed printers that ensure printing businesses to attain and enhance profitability.

Successful customers

As per Steela Industries in Gurugram, customisation is the new demand in the market. The company’s clients share their ideas and designs with them and they execute it perfectly with the help of ColorJet Verve LED UV flatbed printer. Steela Industries has so far embraced a major shift towards almirah printing. Since they installed the ColorJet UV flatbed printer in the year 2019, the company’s profit in the sector has attained a threefold jump.

Sarojini Steel Emporium at Ranaghat in West Bengal is yet another successful player in almirah printing whose production setup is equipped with ColorJet UV flatbed printer. The company started business with glass printing. However, when they saw the potential and rise in demand for printed almirahs, the company immediately invested in ColorJet UV flatbed printer and switched to the growing sector. As per a statement from the company, people are opting for modular furniture, which gave significant increase to number of orders for customised home furnishing products for them. They are also receiving orders for customised printing on kitchen drawers, doors, mats, etc.

Heavy duty machines

ColorJet’s heavy duty UV flatbed printers offer high-speed printing of up to 63 sq m/hr on a wide range of media. The printers are ‘green’ and nature-friendly as they use efficient UV LED curable GreenTech inks. They add exceptional value to the furnishing industry by orchestrating the possibility to print endless designs and significantly reducing the turnaround time. Engineered for high-endurance work, low-running costs, long-lasting high-quality prints and versatile UV performance for higher productivity, the printers are equipped with AIVC and variable drop technology and a dual media height detection system. The precision printing is enabled with a metal raster and can print on media thickness of up to 100 mm.

So, whenever the thought of making it big in the almirah printing industry strikes, it’s the moment to choose ColorJet UV flatbed printers for assured growth. The printers are ideal for these who wish to enter the market with a product that nobody can resist. The printed panel almirahs offer an upgrade of 15-20 percent in the retail selling price when compared to non-printed ones.

Adorn people’s homes with beautiful customised printed panels and give your business the boost it deserves using ColorJet UV flatbed printers.