Mehta Cad Cam Systems unveils REX digital cutting system—one machine for multiple applications

With its vast experience in manufacturing a wide range of CNC routers, laser engravers and digital large-format printers, Mehta Cad Cam Systems boasts of producing best-in-class machines in the market. Latest from the company is a high speed, stable REX digital cutting system (flatbed cutting plotter) available in different sizes and capacities.


REX cutting system has multi-axis control system with two and three holders’ system. Any two tools can be fit in two holder system as per requirement and in three holder system any two tools along with one spindle as third tool can be fitted.

Eleven varieties of tools

Mehta Cad Cam has developed eleven varieties of tools for various applications on different materials, such as 1. Electronic Oscillating Tool (EOT); 2. Electronic Oscillating Tool–Heavy Duty (EOT-H); 3. Creasing Tool; 4. Pneumatic Oscillating Tool (POT); 5. Drag Cutting Tool; 6. Kiss Cut Tool; 7. V-Cut Tool; 8. Driven Rotary Tool; 9. Pen Tool; 10. Spindle Tool; 11. Glass Cutting Tool.

REX plotters are available with or without conveyor belt system. When the media is available in roll form and one wants to cut it continuously without any interval, conveyor belt is used it saves lots of time of loading and unloading which eventually gives great productivity.

Available in customised sizes

Though REX has standard sizes like 4 x 8 ft, 6 x 10 ft, 8 x 10 ft, the digital cutting system also welcomes customised sizes. In fact, REX is one machine engineered for multiple applications. It can be used to cut corrugated cardboard sheets, solid boards, sun pack materials, sandwich boards, foam, felt, rubber, fabric material, leather, paper board, PVC, self-adhesive vinyl, honeycomb boards, acoustic materials, etc.

REX also has creasing tool which can crease on materials like corrugated cardboards and sun pack materials which are widely used to make sample boxes and sample standees. It also equips with a camera system (optional) whenever one wants to cut borders after printing.

Quick sales & service support

Being an Indian manufacturer, Mehta Cad Cam serves its customers in far and near corners of the country to the fullest satisfaction. There won’t be any problem about the availability of spare parts. Branch offices of Mehta Cad Cam are dotted across country and its makes them assure quick sales and service support.

Mehta Cad Cam always feels proud to be the first Indian company to manufacture and introduce flatbed cutting plotter in the country. For more information, visit: