How HANNU welcomed every décor opportunity with the HP Latex R2000 large-format printer

Innovation makes print thrive. Fueled by digital acceleration, personalization has taken the forefront in ways we could never even imagine. Today, the list of substrates on which we can print is growing significantly, and is limited only by imagination.




Started in the year 1993, HANNU is recognized as a complete digital printing and signage solution company. Guided by its core values – ‘Ideate Innovate Excellerrate’ – HANNU has moved forward, not slowly, but by leaps and bounds.

“We’ve always been progressive in our approach and we knew we needto be prepared once the market reopens. We did our market research and then took a call to invest in the Latex R2000 printer.”

HANNU has been instrumental in rolling out shop signage and promotional campaigns across India for numerous reputed brands. With a variety that sprawls across shop boards, shop-in-shops, in-shop branding, POP, display units, and standalone dispensing units, HANNU ensures that they deliver only the best to their clients.

Challenges faced:

“It’s not easy to survive in the industry if you do not fulfill customized requests. Also, roll-to-roll format printing always took more time.”

– Sustainability in printing

If nothing else, the pandemic taught consumers as well as PSPs the need to shift to more sustainable print solutions that have been certified by an environmental authority. When it comes to inks, most printers have been functioning on either UV inks that do not offer exact color matches or solvent inks that have high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) deeming them unfit for indoor spaces.

– Longer turnaround time with increased overheads

Roll-to-roll printing takes up a significant amount of time for the product to be finished and delivered. Also, with any analog printing solution which has always been more expensive to maintain in terms of both the printer and printing material, there is also the added challenge of wastage and minimal customized offerings.

– Little to no substrate flexibility

Initial printers that HANNU owned have the usual roll-to-roll printers that did not have the capability to print on any substrate.

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 Overcoming all challenges and transforming business with one printer

Most businesses took a major hit during the pandemic. The printing and packaging industry was no different. HANNU chose to invest in an HP Latex R2000 during the lockdown to understand the machine and its application offerings, to be better equipped to handle the demands of customers post-lockdown.

Implementation & Results:

“We are in an industry where technology is changing by the day. If you aren’t innovating, you’ll be left behind. That’s why we invest in new technologies with partners like HP that help us get an extra edge over the competition.”

The HP Latex R2000 isn’t just a purchase, it’s an investment. With technology at one’s disposal, it helps bring more ideas to life. For HANNU, it not only decreasing their initial challenges but also made innovation easier.

– Sustainable printing solutions

HANNU is a green-gold certified company. The HP Latex R2000 is just another addition to their list since it is not only energy-efficient but also comes with a host of eco-certifications.HP Latex technology uses a new generation of HP Latex Inks that are water-based, non-solvent inks that are odorless, thereby allowing them to reach more indoor spaces. UL ECOLOGO and GREENGUARD certified sustainable Latex Inks have helped HANNU win more jobs in the décor space.

– Wider application versatility& enhanced target audience

With the addition of the HP Latex R2000, HANNU has been able to offer all types of digital services that weren’t available earlier, inclusive of printing on both rigid and flexible substrates, some of which include wood, glass, aluminum, etc.

With a wider print capability and application versatility, HANNU can offer printing solutions to not just any particular organization/ industry but also to SMEs and individuals from any industry across the board, including the décor segment.

– Shorter turnaround time with reduced overheads

With the entry of the HP Latex R2000 Printer, the turnaround times for HANNU’s printing requests reduced by a significantly large margin since it offers same-day delivery.

HANNU has witnessed a rise in productivity post this purchase, thanks to the continuous loading of larger boards in the same time frame. The ability to meet shorter deadlines enables HANNU to service multiple projects for the same customer, thereby reducing overheads.

 Way forward:

“What sets us apart from our competition is the quality we offer. We commit and we honor. This has been our motto to work and the base on which our organization is built. We’ve always believed in sustainable printing and all our machines are GREENGUARD gold certified.”

HP believes in walking together and that holds true even for their PSPs. With the HP Latex R2000 printer, HANNU feels they have been able to deliver premium quality for their customers that sets them apart from their competition, thereby increasing their business.

HP’s commitment to move to a circular economy with sustainability in the forefront is realized through its large-format printer offering for its customers. With over 25 years of experience and delivering excellence, HANNU’s digital journey has only just begun.

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