Kao Chimigraf fulfils demand for each kind of pigment inkjet

Headquartered in Barcelona, Spanish ink artisan Kao Chimigraf has its factories dotted across Spain, France and Portugal. The company produces a range of pigment inkjet inks for diverse printing technologies and applications. The company has set foot in the Indian market to fulfil the demand for each kind of pigment inkjet in the signage and graphic arts segment.


Kao Chimigraf, a part of Kao Chemicals Europe, has collaborated with several OEMs across the world with good access to different inkjet technologies. The company has marked its entry into the Indian market. “Now our focus is to keep providing highly reliable inks with a commitment to offer best cost vs quality range in the Indian market,” says François Aguilar, Chief Commercial Officer, Kao Chimigraf.

Indian structure

In late 2020, Kao Chimigraf formed a new Indian structure with local representative to work along with the company’s existing customers and also to identify new business opportunities in the country. “The UV market is where we have more experience and it will be the entry point for us to tap the growing graphic arts market of India,” emphasises François, adding that Kao Chimigraf is one of the first companies in the world to provide UV solution in conjunction with Spanish company Barberan for single pass UV inkjet indirect food contact printing.

François continues, “Our product portfolio is quite broad and it allows us to offer UV solutions for almost all existing printhead technologies.” He adds, “We will be reaching out to OEMs in the Indian market who would like to give their customers totally different products which have not yet been explored and readily available in the country.”

Pigment concentrated inks

Kao’s strength is in high pigment concentrated inks and possibility to fulfil almost each kind of pigment inkjet inks needed in different printing segments viz. signage, textile, packaging, coding & marking, labelling, furniture and floor graphics. “We see the market full of standard solutions. However, what we have experienced as a new player with our new products is that we can provide our customers the advantage to outperform their competitors,” says François.

Taking about latest addition to Kao’s product portfolio, François mentions that they have recently launched first inkjet bio-based ink for coding & marking for porous corrugated boxes. “The ink is certified by TUV-Austria and we think this is going to be the step up in the market after the launch of mineral oil-free inks,” he adds.

Recently, Kao also launched an overprint varnish ink with non-yellowish effect which has become a revolutionary product in Europe. “We do believe that the product will surely interest the Indian customers for special application developments,” he mention.

Textile applications

Kao’s Lunajet technology is suitable for textile sector which is quite prospective and gaining new pace in India. In this respect, François says that the technology of encapsulated pigment can be used for any water-based ink and textile is one of them. “Lunajet can bring more stability on printhead and this is an important issue for applications like textile. We are now doing some internal tests for this type of application and as soon as possible share more details with OEMs,” he informs.

Kao Chimigraf has been into marketing to promote its inks in the Indian market so that the industry could choose the right inks from its product range. “Unfortunately, due to the current pandemic situation there is not much possibility to attend the trade shows. Whenever things get normalise for good, we are surely into promoting our inks through important trade shows in India,” mentions François.

When asked about the company’s plan to manufacture inks in India or any local JV François says, “It’s too early to determine it but we do realise that the future will need more local productions around the globe and India is one of the markets we are looking forward to mark our robust presence,” adding conclusively, “This is what Indian government is promoting.”

Exhibitor portal of PRINTPACK INDIA 2021 now activated

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