FUJIFILM Dimatix launches new Samba cartridge


FUJIFILM Dimatix, a leading provider of inkjet printheads for commercial and industrial printing, announces the release of Samba cartridge for the use with the Dimatix Materials Printer (DMP). Based on state-of-the-art silicon micro-electro-mechanical systems (Si-MEMS) design and manufacturing of the Samba G3L printhead, the Samba cartridge is the most advanced technology in inkjet printing, now available for use with all DMP-2800 model material printers. The new Dimatix,Samba cartridge brings the most modern features, capabilities and function to an already popular and versatile printer. It provides a native drop volume of 2.4 pL which has the potential to create ultra-fine line widths from a single dot size of 30 μm. Accounting for smaller scale applications, the Samba cartridge offers use of a small capacity 1.5 mL cartridge, which requires considerably less fluid when screening fluid formulations for jettability and cured ink properties.