Antimicrobial protection of Drytac Protac AMP Film ideal in COVID-19 times


COVID-19 has drastically changed the perception of hygiene and cleanliness, spurring the development of films and coatings with antimicrobial performance. Previously, these coatings and products struggled to find widespread adoption due to difficulties in qualifying their effectiveness on human health and justifying any additional costs. However, the pandemic has drawn attention to measures that can provide additional protection and reassurance to the general public and this has created a new need for antimicrobial surface protection. Protac AMP Film from Drytac is a 150µ (6 mil) textured polyester film incorporating Microban antimicrobial protection. When microbes meet the Microban reservoirs in Protac AMP Film, the cell wall of the microbes is disrupted. The result is a film surface providing constant additional protection against the spread of microbial contamination which is cleaner and fresher.