Drytac launches Polar Choice monomeric PVC films


Drytac announces the launch of new Polar Choice range that includes six products: Polar Choice White Gloss PB (permanent grey adhesive), Gloss P (permanent clear adhesive) and Matte RB (removable grey adhesive); Polar Choice Clear in Gloss P (permanent clear adhesive) and Gloss R (removable clear adhesive); and Polar Choice Air White Gloss PB (permanent grey adhesive). All of the new films are durable outdoors for up to three years and also suitable for indoor use, offering a high level of reliability and flexibility to users, and have the Class C-s1, d0 (EN 13501-1) fire rating. Polar Choice White is an 80μ film available in a gloss or matte white finish. The film is coated on one side with a permanent or removable pressure-sensitive clear or grey solvent acrylic adhesive. Polar Choice White comes in three options – Gloss PB, Gloss P or Matte RB. Gloss PB features a permanent grey acrylic adhesive, while Gloss P has a permanent clear acrylic adhesive and Matte RB a removable grey acrylic adhesive.