EFI not to participate in drupa 2021


EFI has withdrawn participation in drupa 2021 which is taking place from April 20-28, 2021 at Dusseldorf, Germany. “Our company has a long, positive history with drupa, as do I personally, having also run two companies that have been major drupa exhibitors in the past,” said Jeff Jacobson, Chairman and CEO, EFI. He adds, “The show has always represented some of the best of what can be accomplished at an in-person event for the global print industry. Withdrawing from drupa 2021 is an unfortunate albeit prudent decision. All of us at EFI look forward to future drupa events beyond 2021 – and to other industry tradeshows – once the world has clearly moved past the current pandemic.”

In light of the significant disruptions of COVID-19 for in-person events and for EFI’s own sales operations, EFI has been hosting and will continue to host remote online events and demonstrations for customers and prospects. While EFI is committed to participating in in-person events when the pandemic subsides, in the meantime, the company has also established activities such as EFI Engage – a virtual event for customers being held in place of annual EFI Connect users conference. EFI Engage will feature training, education, new technology news and partner developments for EFI customers from January 25 to February 5, 2021.