LG introduces LED signage solution


Compared to other LED signage solutions, MicroLED from LG has a higher concentration of smaller LEDs designed to produce an outstanding picture. This new Magnit MicroLED Signage (model LSAB) is designed to deliver groundbreaking picture quality and durability thanks to LG’s own Full Black Coating technology, as well as streamlined installation with its cable-less block-assembly design and front service access. The LG Magnit features self-emissive micrometre-scale pixels applied directly to the substrate board, to deliver sharp 4K images with high contrast and a wide horizontal/vertical viewing angle that minimises off-axis color distortion. Pixel pitch is 0.93mm and the contrast ratio is 150,000:1 (at 10 lux). Its picture quality is boosted by an AI-powered Alpha 7 intelligent image processor found in state-of-the-art LG TVs.