ONYX 21RIP Software

launched through virtual events with unanimously positive reaction from attendees worldwide

Onyx Graphics, Inc. recently launched ONYX 21 through a series of virtual events signalling a new approach to produce announcement amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Major version releases have historically been aligned with the company’s presence at major industry tradeshows.


The virtual launch events focused on showcasing the new features and benefits of the company’s newest software versionand how it can help Print Shops today. Attendees at the events included a host of Print Shops from around the globe, as well as Authorised ONYX Resellers and Partners.

Attendees from India

ONYX 21 virtual launch events were held at different times each day to provide an easily accessible venue no matter the location of the attendee. In addition to these events, which included customers from India, the company’s Asia Pacific regional team held smaller, more local virtual events for groups of ONYX users and Authorised ONYX Resellers from the region. So far, Onyx Graphics has seen a positive reaction to and interest in this new version of RIP Software.

Installation process

ONYX 21 follows a similar installation process that is typical of Windows-based software solutions.ONYX users must first download the software from thecompany’s website located at www.onyxgfx.com and with their key enabled, can install and activate the product. As part of the installation process, users can select from the onscreen help, an online step-by-step how-to guide, or watch a ‘getting started’ video to ensure a smooth and successful installation. Additional videos are available on ONYX TV, the company’s YouTube channel, which include localised closed captions for non-English speakers.

Pandemic impact

A trend seen during COVID-19 is that Print Shops have been able to capitalise on the opportunity to review, update and improve upon their current systems and processes. For many, this has included the need to upgrade their chosen RIP solution to the latest version, providing new tools and capabilities to meet the needs of their print buyer customers.

Onyx Graphics is continually focused on providing a good user experience for their customers, which has been especially true during COVID-19. One way in which the company has added to this user experience is through educational webinars. The online, training focused, educational webinars are provided at no charge to any ONYX user wishing to hone their skills using ONYX software.

Quick ONYX 21 facts

ONYX 21 introduces new tools for a faster, easier way to match colour and streamline tile-job workflows, with new dynamic print label capabilities. Swatch Books 2.0 boasts a new interactive visual workflow to print, scan, iterate, and report on the ideal colour match with options to add print mode defined colours in a single click.

Intuitive PDF Tile Maps improve efficiency and help guide installation for tiled jobs with the ability to easily produce tile maps before, during, and after printing or automate using ONYX Quick Sets. New print label capabilities in ONYX 21 deliver innovative tools for print shop branding such as adding logos to print labels and provides flexibility to connect to existing business tools through barcodes.