Hannu Marketing expands with HP Latex R2000 and ESKO Kongsberg during COVID time

Transforming its production facility into a completely green printing solution centre

Although the COVID-19 has put the brakes on many companies, that’s not the case with Hannu Marketing. Things at this New Delhi-based one-stop signage solution company have not come to a complete halt. They keep moving during the pandemic, albeit at a slower pace, expanding their production facility with the adoption of HP Latex R2000 printer and ESKO Kongsberg X-Series cutting table.

Vinod Kumar Gupta and Shalu Gupta
Vinod Kumar Gupta and Shalu Gupta

Ever since its inception in the year 1993, Hannu Marketing has been instrumental in carrying out outstanding signage projects and promotional campaigns for numerous reputed brands at pan-India level. The company’s commitment to competency is evident from their state-of-the-art four-storeyed production facility sprawling across 50,000 sq ft area at Udyog Nagar, New Delhi. The facility has recently been upgraded with the installations of HP Latex R2000 printer and ESKO Kongsberg C-Series finishing system, transforming it into a completely ‘green’ printing solution centre.

In his remark on the adoption of the two new high-end machines in the unprecedented COVID time, Vinod Kumar Gupta, Managing Director, Hannu Marketing Pvt Ltd, said, “I have a strong feeling that in near future, when normalcy returns to the market after this pandemic, there will be an opportunity which can be grasped only by those who are equipped with advanced machines and technologies. This is the main idea behind our investment in the advanced HP Latex and ESKO machines during this unprecedented time.”

He continued, “Due to the overall shutdown in the market over the last 8-9 months, work pace reduced considerably. However, the market is now opening bit by bit and once it’s fully operational there will surely be instant work pressure and increasing demands for new ideas and innovative signage projects and promotional campaigns. So, we need to be prepared for that. That’s why we have upgraded our facility with the new high-end machines.”

Vinod Kumar and Shalu with HP Latex R2000
Vinod Kumar and Shalu with HP Latex R2000

Shalu Gupta, daughter of Vinod Kumar Gupta, who has joined the business recently, shared her remark on the adoption two new advanced machines, “In fact, lockdown gave us the time to think and explore into what would be the next step in business and what could we offer new to our clients. When we looked at this aspect, we thought of adding a new flatbed machine along with a finishing solution which in totality is a complete set. This is how we adopted HP Latex R2000 printer and ESKO Kongsberg cutter.”

A commerce graduate from Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), University of Delhi, Shalu was quite impressive about the industry in the first place. “I know this is a man-dominated industry. However, I found it suitable for everyone. I would say everything around is quite challenging to me, but interesting too at the same time. It’s ‘interesting’ in terms of innovations keep coming up from all spheres from time to time,” she said.

Going completely green

On choosing HP Latex R2000 over other machines, Vinod Kumar mentioned two specific features of the printer which impressed them in the first place. “First, this is a highly versatile Latex flatbed printer; second, it uses totally green water-based Latex ink. Of course, we all know that Latex is green technology, but the printer’s water-based ink is 100 percent environment friendly, suitably designed to produce graphics used in sensitive locations like hospitals, schools and such places,” he emphasised.

Vinod Kumar and Shalu with ESKO Kongsberg X-Series cutting table
Vinod Kumar and Shalu with ESKO Kongsberg X-Series cutting table

With its highly green nature, HP Latex ink also offers utmost versatility in applications ranging from high-quality interior decor graphics to outdoor signage, thermoforming, etc, with glossiest white that resists yellowing. In addition, the UL ECOLOGO Certified water-based Latex ink produces odourless prints. “As long as we convert our production facility into a completely green printing solution centre, we no longer use any solvent-based machines or technologies,” informed Vinod Kumar.

“Currently, we have four main environment-friendly machines running at our facility, which include the newly adopted HP Latex R2000 and ESKO Kongsberg X-Series cutting table along with two other high-end systems, HP Latex 3200 and EFI-VUTEk 5r,” he said, mentioning that Hannu Marketing is the first adopter of HP Latex 3200 printer in India.

Foray into rigid printing

Hannu Marketing has explored diverse verticals over the last three decades. But it’s first time for the company to enter into direct-to-rigid substrate printing with the installation of the new HP Latex R2000. “We are quite confident that the system will empower us to produce finest range of shop boards, shop-in-shop graphics, in-shop branding and POP display units, stand alone dispensing units and many others,” said Vinod Kumar, acknowledging their 15 years of goodwill relationship with HP.

“The ESKO cutting table is the first ESKO system we have installed in our facility. A unique feature of this system is its robustness,” mentioned Shalu, adding that they are now fully geared up to foray into the interior domain and retail sector. For years, Hannu Marketing has been closely partnered with some of the big brands, viz. Usha International, Titan, Johnson Tiles, Somany Tiles, Lava, Emaar MGF, among others.

Vinod Kumar said that they are closely in touch with their customers during pandemic, suggesting them new ideas and innovations that could be pulled off with direct-to-rigid substrate printing. “Only the essential activities are taking place in the market now. Most of the companies put on halt all their big campaigns and projects. But sooner and later, we expect a big ‘boom’ when the normalcy resumes in the market. We are ready to take part in it,” informed Vinod Kumar.

Continuously be innovative

Hannu Marketing’s vision is to satisfy their customers with uncompromising quality with integrity. The company always embarks upon new ideas and technologies. Their marketing team and customer service executives generate great enthusiasm and exceed what their customers expect. In this respect, Vinod Kumar conveyed that they would continuously be innovative, upgrade their production facility to meet the need of their clients anytime, even in the unprecedented time of COVID-19.