Are you ready to meet new customer demands in post-pandemic times?

Sonal Khurana
Sonal Khurana

Still the magnitude of COVID-19 sends shockwaves that disrupted supply chains and businesses in our industry and others. We all know that the market demands have been dropped and working in such unprecedented time has radically changed the way used to be. Buying behaviours of consumers have changed and projects of big brands have been put on hold. These stresses may reveal the strengths and weaknesses of supply chains and business models. However, it’s not time to quit or stand still. It’s time to keep moving.

In the post-pandemic times, when the normalcy resumes in the market, there will be a new paradigm shift in business of every signage player in terms of meeting new customer demands as well as increased work volumes. That’s why the right time to get ready for the future is now. For this reason, it’s even more important to learn from the challenges we have experienced this year during the pandemic, so that we can prepare for 2021. Here, the ultimate fact is that those who are well prepared today will be the ones who will grasp the new business opportunities in the post-pandemic market.

In 2021, hopefully when the market normalcy is restored, there will definitely be requirement for promotional graphics and many others which we expect to see more creativity and innovations in applications. Big brands will surely unleash their potential for influencing consumer behaviours. For that PSPs and designers will be keen to create incredible quality and innovative outputs. For example, commercial and public spaces are likely to receive a lot more attention. Signage players in this respect must look at what they can create and where it can take them, not just during the COVID-19 crisis but in the long run.

Though every signage player is likely to find more than enough work to keep them busy in the post-pandemic times, they need to check how fit they are to meet the new demands from their customers. They need to shift gear and see what else, and to whom else, they could approach. In order to engage into all this new order in the post-pandemic times, what it needs for signage players is to be equipped with some advanced machines or technologies and their capability to create innovative outputs. This is what all the future of post-pandemic era holds for the signage players.

In this issue, we cover Noida under our Region Exclusive column. It’s quite good to know that most of the signage players whom we interacted in the Delhi-NCR city are optimistic about the return of market normalcy soon. Every one of them has faced hard time during the pandemic, but they say their businesses have recovered to a certain level now.

Well, everything today is all about surviving and growing. All of us could benefit from taking some time to think, take a breath, and consider what the pandemic has taught us. This can help us thrive in 2021 and beyond. Let’s move on!

Sonal Khurana