HP introduces new global partner programme in India


HP Inc has unveiled HP Amplify, a first-of-its kind global channel partner program optimised to drive dynamic partner growth and deliver consistent customer experiences. Built on a single, integrated structure, HP Amplify provides the insights, capabilities and collaboration tools needed to drive growth as digital transformation and customer purchasing behaviours continue to evolve. The new programme goes into effect from November 1, 2020 for commercial partners with retail partners slated to transition in the second half of 2021. By consolidating HP’s best partner products, tools and trainings into one intuitive programme, HP Amplify removes complexity, making it easier for partners to take advantage of its many benefits and engage customers on a deeper level. Currently, HP has over 1400 commercial partners under its India market which also includes business operations of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. For partners who choose to join this opt-in pledge, HP will provide training and support. More details closer to the launch of HP Amplify will be out on November 1, 2020.