DCC Group acquires Grafica Flextronica


DCC Group, a leading textile printing solution provider in Asia, has acquired Grafica Flextronica through 3Q Printing Technologies Pvt Ltd where Dadia family is majority shareholder. Bhargav Mistry will lead the team at 3Q as MD. Through the acquisition, DCC Group aims to make India a global manufacturing hub for printing machines and related products, with a new product line manufactured by 3Q. The existing capacity will be expanded and more resources will be added.

The acquisition will also result in the merging of DCC’s Kaizen Institute and DMI Institute of Grafica to be known as 3Q’s KAIZEN Institute for Print Education, Research & Training. With combined resources and infrastructure, KAIZEN aims to contribute significantly to the printing industry by providing services such as consulting, auditing and training for existing printing companies to achieve better efficiency and profitability. As training continues to be a vital part in the industry, KAIZEN believes in nurturing fresh minds from the universities to be entrepreneurs for tomorrow.

Narendra Dadia, Group Chairman of DCC Companies said, “We are working towards establishing a strategic alliance based on DCC and 3Q’s combined strength. It is a historic moment for us and we’re committed to deliver unique value through our solutions”. In the context, Bhargav Mistry, MD, 3Q, asserted that they intent to make India self-reliant as the company will live by the highest global quality standards. “Our mission is to achieve a powerful manufacturing space in printing equipment for textile, commercial, graphic and industrial printing. We also aim to meet the phrase ‘Be Vocal About Local’, we will ensure the strengthening of Indian resources while eyeing the global export market”.

According to Dhaval Dadia, Managing Director of DCC Group, the company’s eco-system will be greatly enhanced with the expansion of business activities in 3Q. He conclusively mentioned that this will allow them to enrich customer experience by providing greater services and new generation of value-based products.

The DCC Group’s eco-system comprises five companies—Creative Industries, which manufactures eco- friendly water-based inks for more than last 25 years; DCC Print provides end-to-end printing solutions; 3Q manufactures printing equipment; Design Canvas offers creative services; and Fresh Print offers printing services. The total infrastructure of the group in Mumbai is spread over 240,000 sq ft and backed by a team of 540 members.