Canon launches new Arizona 2300 flatbed UV printer series


Canon unpacks a new Arizona 2300 series that can print up to 95 sq m/hr and it is built around new Arizona FLOW technology, a vacuum technique that does not require taping down of media. It’s designed to speed up production and fuel growth opportunities in the wide format market through new applications. The Arizona 2300 series succeeds the Arizona 2200 and will be available in Australia and NZ markets in early 2021. The new series includes three compact GTF models with a flatbed area of 1.25 x 2.5m – the 2340 GTF, 2360 GTF and 2380 GTF – and three larger XTF models, the 2340 XTF, 2360 XTF and 2380 XTF, with an area of 2.5 x 3.08m. In a global online launch event, Steven Badger, Senior Business Development Manager for Canon Production Print Asia Pacific, announced that the newly launched Arizona 2300 Series UV curable flatbed printers are built around Arizona FLOW technology, an airflow suction technique that combines a zone less, multi-origin table layout with pneumatic registration pins to better secure the substrate in place on the table.