X-Rite and Pantone introduce colour measurement software for wide-format printers


Backlit applications gain popularity in diverse areas such as trade exhibition booths, POP retail displays, event banners, interior décor, etc. To achieve a consistent and accurate colour on a variety of backlit materials and wide-format signage, PSPs require spectrophotometers capable of characterising both the sample material and the light that shines through it. In this, i1Pro 3 Plus colour measurement instrument from X-Rite and Pantone now supports automated transmission profiling with the i1iO chart reading system, with the release of i1Profiler v3.3 software. Using the combined iPro 3 Plus with i1iO table, wide-format industrial printers can quickly and easily automate the creation of ICC profiles for film, textiles, vinyl, paper and other materials used in backlit signage applications.