Mimaki announces launch of air purifier unit for wide-format printer


Mimaki Europe, in co-operation with BOFA International, a specialist in portable fume extraction technology, has recently announced the market release of the BOFA Air Purifier Unit for wide format printer, which effectively extracts the fumes across its length, proceeds to filter them, and then releases the clean air back into the production environment. BOFA International’s R&D team used elements from two of its tried and tested PrintPRO Universal extractors to develop the new BOFA Air Purifier Unit. Drawing upon this expertise, BOFA created the new four meters long unit that attaches directly onto the Mimaki SWJ-320EA printer, with a 5mm continuous gap from the media. For the new innovation, extensive testing has been carried out and confirmed that the level of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) released from the printer dropped from highs of 250 ppm to as low as 1.8 ppm.